World, meet WinPoint. WinPoint, meet world.

My name is Dan Cramer. I’ve been an organizer almost my whole life and I’ve been doing political and advocacy campaigns for such a long time that I’m beginning to feel old. I started as a field organizer on Paul Wellstone’s first U.S. Senate campaign in 1990, and co-founded Grassroots Solutions with the goal of bringing a focused approach to organizing and engagement to Democratic campaigns and progressive organizations across the country. Working with hundreds of nonprofits, advocacy groups, and foundations over the past twenty years has provided me with tremendous insight into how we often struggle to leverage our collective power to affect progressive change in Washington, state capitals, and our own communities.

Year after year, I couldn’t help but notice that the same set of challenges seemed to hinder the work being done by organizers and activists.

Among other things, groups weren’t taking full advantage of available data to prioritize their efforts, allocate resources, or make fully informed decisions. Making things even harder, they were almost always too siloed between their policy, organizing, advocacy, and field work. We also observed that many organizations were doing their “targeting” (deciding where to focus) the same ways they always had — by turning to a lobbyist or political professionals and saying “which districts or geographies matter most?” Now, I know a lot of lobbyists and political professionals, and I admire their work, but I respectfully think that their opinions should be a data point, and not the data point. Now more than ever before, when we have so much information at our disposal, practicing “data-driven” organizing and advocacy is crucial to the way we do our work. Yet, what we saw over and over again, is that far too many organizations weren’t relying on data to make fully informed decisions.

Enter, WinPoint. A powerful new tool designed to help you build power, win legislative victories, and better evaluate your progress and impact.

It was back in 2008, working on a statewide legislative campaign to ban smoking in restaurants and bars that we developed the very first version of WinPoint. We refined it over the years, working on same sex marriage and clean energy efforts. What we saw time and again was that WinPoint allowed our clients to have a real-time understanding of their strategic priorities and a better sense of their capacity on the ground. It also created unprecedented cohesion between lobbying and grassroots efforts.

Now, ten years later, I want to introduce you to the the new and more robust WinPoint. If you check it out, one of the first things you’ll notice is Winpoint’s user-friendly functionality. This helps customers engage with data in a way that promotes more strategic and innovative targeting and also fosters greater collaboration within and across organizations. It allows you to turn lobbyist rankings, issue models, election results, demographics, polling, and organizational capacity data (such as members, volunteers, leaders, donors, etc.) into scores for every legislative or congressional district.

This scoring and visualization helps organizations see data more explicitly, resulting in better decisions on resource allocation and potential legislative or power-building targets. It can also help you evaluate your progress and demonstrate your impact over time.

The best part? WinPoint isn’t just a theory — it works. I’ve spent much of the last year working side-by-side with change-makers to implement WinPoint into their everyday organizing, strategic planning and evaluations. WinPoint offers organizations, foundations, advocates and lobbyists an easy-to-use analytics tool to power their social change work. This platform disrupts the way advocacy and organizing are traditionally done.

If you’d like to learn more, I encourage you to visit our website and schedule a demo. It’s time to practice data-driven advocacy. It’s time to win!

In Solidarity,

Dan Cramer

Founder, Winpoint