How to make firing people suck less for them and suck more for you

It may be easy to apply this on small/mid-sized companies, but I can assure you it’s not for a big company (at least, if you don’t want to be on the same line as the one being fired). In most cases, someone from HR will either sit on the office when you are doing the announcement (no smiling or cheap talk there… the reason is evident as soon as the one to be fired opens the door…) or on the phone call (assuming it’s for a remote employee) and you have to stick to a few set of random sentences they have provided you. If you go off the script, HR will likely intervene. Do it twice on the same session and you are likely gone as well due to “not sticking to company policy”.

I would love to see this improved on big companies (such as allowing employee to read the terms “properly” before signing, or providing them with guidance in the case of massive/bulk firing) but that will hardly happen consider that company leads think that anything that deviates from their standard (per whatever company’s lawyers say) will likely get them into trouble (potential trouble, may not even happen… but they are just covering for their losses).

Have yet to see someone backfiring at the company that is firing them, as while we have all these ‘rules’ to follow when someone is fired (which is basically “treat them as you don’t even know them”), I guess we will never know how they would truly react if those rules were not in place. And, hey, if they do damage something on the company… there are laws outside the company, so they would eventually be punished by it, but well… we will never know.