Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, The Nervous System And Ways To Heal.

The Nervous System is highly important in the functioning of a Human Being. The Nervous System is responsible for our Movement and also sends messages to the muscles, so that the muscles can move. Without the nerve impulses the muscles cannot move and start to become atrophied (paralysis) and will eventually die. Diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis are I believe Central Nervous System related. I define the Central Nervous as the Brain and Spinal Cord. The scope of this article isn’t to define what each of these nerve disorders are, but to explain maybe what happened to the nerves on the inside, that made them quit firing and to show (what I believe) are some Natural Organic Healing Methods for Nerve Detoxing and healing. This can I believe to help the nerves to function to close to near capacity, in other cases it might just slow the nerve deterioration down enough, so that the symptoms won’t progress as rapidly and you can live a more fuller life.

The work I am presenting here is a fusion of my own experiences 1) trying to heal myself from Parkinson’s Disease 2) what ways I have seen work for others 3) natural healing ways that I think are common sense and accessible. Examples of what I consider Natural Healing Remedies: Homeopathic Medicine, Tai Chi, Nutrition/Diet , Massage, Visualization, Exercise, Aromatherapy, connecting with others and HUGGING! I won’t go into all these modalities, but I think it’s good to know they exist and you can explore them if you want. And I would also say if one or more of these methods call to you, Explore them!

A few general guidelines that I think a Human Being should do to stay healthy.

1) Get a moderate amount of exercise, at least 20 to 40 minutes a day. Whatever type of exercise is usually good, but you want to make sure to get your pulse rate up. I also think exercise should be FUN! So try and choose movements that make you come alive!

2) Eat a balanced diet, more fresh fruits and vegetables and less meats, dairy, processed and junk food. Use your senses and intuition to see what foods you vibe with, sometimes you might need more fats, others times you might need more fruits.

3) Get an adequate amount of sleep at least 6 hours. The amount of sleep needed by each individual varies tremendously, trust your body. Someone who does a physical job or is an athlete will require more sleep, sometimes up to 10 hours a day, while an artist or a creative may only require 4 to 5 hours. Trust your body to tell you when you need to rest. I also recommend a 15 to 30 minute nap daily as this can help to keep away the afternoon blahs, and also give your conscious mind a rest.

4. Miscellaneous: Find a hobby that you’re passionate about! You don’t have to be any “good” at it, but I think it’s good to have an activity in our lives that we can look forward to everyday! Try and get some sunshine everyday, breathe in fresh air, take an Epsom Salt and baking soda bath once a week Detox Bath Recipes.

When The Nervous System Goes Bad: I feel that the main culprit of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis is that the Central Nervous System doesn’t function properly. I define the Central Nervous System as the brain and spinal cord. The brain is made up of about 60% fat. So as the diseases progress you lose fat, thereby exposing the nerves and causing them to die off. In order to rehabilitate the brain you need healthy fats, which I will go into detail later in this article. As the these diseases progress, I have read the nerves stop firing and get gunked up with what I believe to be poisons and toxic substances. I think most of these poisons come from our Lifestyle and the Environment. The Human body absorbs toxins usually through the skin and we also take these poisons in through the mouth and other senses. When we ingest pesticides (that are put on foods), heavy metals that are in food and the air, vaccines that contain mercury, aluminum and god knows what else, cans of pop and canned vegetables that have aluminum and tin, the body can have a hard time getting rid of these toxins. If these toxins and poisons stay in our body, they can start attacking our nervous system disrupting the electrical impulses from the nervous system. I have come to believe we need to detox our body on a weekly/daily basis, in small steps. I will go into more detail about detoxing later in this article.

So there are three main healing topics that I will go into detail about how to heal Nervous System


1) Detox Your System! Human bodies I think are masters of detoxing! From sweating to pooping/peeing, to the internal organs of elimination- SKILL- Skin, Kidneys, Intestines, Liver and Lungs. But when these organs and processes cannot function properly, the toxins get built up in our bodies and eventually make their way to the nervous system. In turn as these toxins build up in the nervous system, the nerves stop firing, which essentially means the system that helps us to move will no longer work effectively. So we need to detox to get our organs functioning and clean out the nerves of the toxins and poisons that are stuck in there. I consider detoxing to be “the best” way to help yourself, but make sure you listen to your body and do what you need to do. If you are unsure if any method will harm you or if you bad side effects, please consult you Doctor!

A) Get your Fast on! Fasting helps to rest your digestive system and helps you to purge the toxins out. I first recommend trying maybe just skipping lunch. If that goes good maybe in a couple days try a 24 hour Fasts: don’t eat dinner at 5pm, then wait til dinner the next day to eat at 5pm. There are longer Fasts and I will leave a link to a book that goes greater into detail The Miracle Of Fasting. If you have an eating disorder or are still growing I wouldn’t recommend fasting, as this could harm you.

B) Get in the Sauna and sweat! The skin is the largest organ the body has, so why not take advantage of being able to detox the skin rather easily! Sweating out toxins is great for inner purification What happens to your body after a Sauna! A sauna helps to sweat out the Heavy Metals and Toxins that your body has stored. It can also give your immune system a big jolt for healing! Start with 10 to 15 minutes, eventually working up to 20 to 25 minutes if it feels right. These are just guidelines, as always if you don’t feel well — faint, dizzy or get cold get out of the sauna immediately. Tip: This is a great place to find new friends and start great conversations!

C) Get your greens! Green foods/supplements bond to heavy metals and pollutants to carry them out of your nervous system and organs. The foods/vegetables that are dark green are the most effective: Parsley, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Kale, Cilantro etc. If you feel you can’t get enough of these vegetables in your diet try Spirulina A Super Food, it’s a form of algae from the sea that will pull out the toxins. Spirulina is also considered a super food and is valued for it’s trace minerals and high nutritional content.

2) Healthy Saturated Fats Help to Build! Since our brain is made up of 60% fat and uses fat to insulate the nerves, this can be a “miracle” cure to help protect nerves and let them grow again. If we don’t get enough good fat, the nerves can be exposed and start not to function right as a result. So make sure to eat enough food that have healthy fats 10 Healthy Fat Foods like — Avocados, Cheese, Unsalted Nuts, Lean cuts of Meat. If you are a Vegetarian/Vegan and you have a nervous system disorder (or feel spacey a lot, like I was) you may want to look at putting some lean meat back into your diet. This was a tough choice for me, but my body was craving healthy fats so I switched back to the “dark side” lol. Coconut Oil has also been shown to be a great super food to combat nervous system disorders, sometimes just two tablespoons a day is all the doctor ordered, here is a link to a good article Coconut Oil Benefits. With enough fat in your diet I feel this can help to get Nervous system diseases reversed.

3) Get your body a moving! With my Parkinson’s I have used exercise and movement to stave off paralysis and help to cope with the stiffness and lack of muscle memory I have. When you exercise I think it helps to get your nerves to fire and also oxygen and muscle memory help to clear out some of the toxins from your body. In my opinion ANY exercise you can do will help to to keep you limber. Whether Walking, Jogging, Lifting Weights, Tai Chi or Yoga. As St Nikey said Just Do It! One caveat is to try and not overdo your exercise to the point of complete exhaustion. As this can sap the nervous system of Vital Energy that it needs to help heal you. I usually try for a state of feeling pleasantly tired by the time I’m done. Don’t be afraid to cut the workout short or skip a workout if you are feeling especially too tired. Although sometimes even just going for 10 minutes and trying can have a major impact.

So I want to encourage whoever is trying to heal themselves to find what cure works best for you. There are many ways to heal yourself. If a method isn’t working, try another one, find another doctor, just keep going! Sometimes it’s the last key that opens the door! I have fought many battles with my Parkinson’s Disease. I have wanted to give up many times and sometimes I do, but I always come back with a fighting Spirit!!! Knocked down seven times up eight! A Nervous System Disease, although it can be crippling doesn’t mean you can’t live a productive full Life, but you may just have a little bump in the road with all the new information, technology and of course you’re Healing Spirit! The most important lesson I have learned is that Healing comes in Stages and is process. So keep on keeping on!

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Brett Drummond is a Survivor of Life. He has gone on a 20 year Journey to find out how to heal Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually and Emotionally. At first this Journey was about healing himself, but on this Journey he found that through his own illnesses that he could help to heal others. So he is now bringing out his method of common sense, practical and self healing techniques to the general public. In his free time Brett enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to live coffee house acoustical music, writing poetry and cuddling with that special someone. 💓