How To Be Your Own Role Model And Put That Ego To Work!

Does that opening sentence sound a little egotistical? Well Good! To be your own Role Model sometimes you have to believe only you can make a better version of yourself day in and day out! I believe we are each sent here with a Vision/Mission on how to make the world a better place. So I try to bring this Vision into my Life and World everyday!

How do you “look up” to yourself? Well for me I guess by admiring myself and what I stand for and knowing that my high standards I set have to be followed and nourished. I also know that I am a Game-Changer and Role Model for others, so I need to be on my “A Game” a good majority of the time. One question I have continually asked myself over the years is, “How Can I Be A Better Version Of Myself”? Now though… this saying is engrained in my subconscious mind. By continually not just asking that question, but by taking Action with the Answers I come up with! And this helps me to Blaze into uncharteded territory in my Life. Sometimes the road is two steps forward and one step back, but I’m always keeping my eye on Learning and Serving people. I set the bar high! And even if I can’t jump over that imagined bar ( I commonly run into that obstacle!) I at least commit to making the attempt. As a Role Model I fail more times than most people know, but through my failures I grow, god knows how I have grown! And sometimes I just take a minute to Honor the work I have done 💓, just let that Pride sink in! And I think about how far I have traveled to make my Dream come to Life.

I’ve been to the “bottom” and the “top” of the ladder in my Life. What’s the “old saying”? Treat others with respect on your way up, cause you’re gonna see them on your way down Lol. To Be Your Own Role Model I also think you have to learn how to critique yourself as well as praise yourself for the blood, sweat, tears, learning and commitment you are putting forth! Maybe a “little” Life Coach to yourself 😁. Love also plays a part in my process. “True Love” to me involves learning to Love not just my strengths, but also my faults and imperfections and my struggle with those imperfections has been my downfall at times. Being Imperfect in this world I consider a gift these days and this Trait has led me down Paths and Roads that I would have never imagined! To be a Wonderful Steward in this world I also believe you have to be willing to be Vulnerable. As I have allowed myself to be Vulnerable I have opened up to the “Suffering” of this world. And as I learned to be Vulnerable, I have also seen the Wickedness and the Beauty in this “Oz and Camelot”. By being Vulnerable I also let myself interact with more people who I might otherwise not. Role Models are Game-Changers I believe and this takes Discomfort to PUSH Boundaries, when most just want to stay the same! I don’t believe most role models are made for Stardom, instead they may just be Leaders and set examples for their Communities. Which… can be exhausting as others may just try and test them to become sharper themselves

And finally I encourage ALL those reading this to show more of themselves to the World! I think people need to see👀 it’s not all “Roses and Sunshine” as we Coaches try and become better versions of ourselves. The struggle is Real and I think showing that to others, who are trying to Change, might be one of the most Impactful Examples to put out in our world around us. Two of my Rules I go by are:

1) You decide your way

2) You decide how high of a bar you want to set.

Brett Drummond learned to be his own Role Model through the Process of his Life. Fighting head on the battles of Health, being treated Shabbily and watching the Chaos of the world around him. He never stops Hustling, Connecting, Sweating and Serving others. Brett also enjoys Free Movement, beating on his Djembe and playing with the neighborhood kids, as this he thinks this is his so called Fountain Of Youth!