I am NOT a Religion, Belief or a Thought, I AM a Human Being.

I wanted to write an article about Religion. This article is about my struggle of trying different Religions and not finding “one” that suited me. It’s about how I’ve seen religion destroy Individuals, Families, Countries and the World. I wanted to speak to the people like myself, that have or are struggling to find their way in this face of Fundamentalism and being TOLD that they have to follow One Way and that’s the only way!! As I have talked with people I have heard so much Dogma about what is “right” and what is “wrong” and if you don’t follow this “way” you will burn in Hell! One person I talked to said her mom told her that her sins would be put upon her child. How fucked up is that! I mean that seems more like wanting to control someone, than wanting to let them know how “God” would treat/punish them.

I’ve tried to ignore most Religious Talk and Beliefs for most of my Life. Because I just don’t get how people talk about religion, these “terms” have no meaning and don’t resonate with me. Sin, Being Saved, Damnation, Hell Fire and Brimstone, I have also stayed out of a lot of Religious talk and discussions. I see the look in people’s eyes and sometimes I feel like they will try and Kill me over “their” beliefs. I mean I feel beliefs are important I think, and if someone’s life is in danger then I will defend to the death, but to feel scared like that, that if I don’t accept your belief or agree with what you are saying then you may try and intimidate me or come at me in way that threatens my Physical Being, then that to me is a Spiritual Law that been BROKEN!

I mean I have always believed in a Higher Power and that I’m part of this Higher Power, Right here, Right now on this Earth! I mean why do we keep using these old systems? Might they just be Ancient Relics of the Past? Or maybe there are some “bad people and groups” who just wanted to control human behavior and thoughts? . I think having people try and believe the same thing is a great way to try and control people. Also I think we should ALL be able to have/form our own beliefs. Maybe the saying Do No Harm comes to “mind” as I have always “believed” that if we try ideas out on ourselves than do what you will. Although, I have changed to now include having more forgiveness for myself and also not doing as much harm to myself.

If you wonder where this “idea” was planted, well first I will say I’ve always known this at a “deeper level”. But when this became Conscious, well… I was reading a book called Peace Pilgrim Her Life and Work in Her Own Words. Peace Pilgrim is a Woman/Spirit/Human Being after my own Heart 💖! She had a Spiritual awakening in her 30’s and after this she gave her up “earthly way of life” and all of her possessions, except a comb, toothbrush, paper, pen, envelopes and stamps. Traveled the USA only accepting food and shelter if they were offered to her by others. She also walked the USA to promote peace. She asked ONE OF THE GREATEST QUESTIONS OF OUR TIME I THINK! We have a Department of War, why don’t we have a Department of Peace? Now I’ll let that question stand and maybe you want to think about that and get back to me with an answer 😃? By the time she passed, she had walked over 75,000 miles on foot. I think maybe her “hidden mission” might have been to connect with people. I mean I for one still think we are quite disconnected and she DID her part to show people that maybe we Humans or this World aren’t quite as “scary” as we might “think”!

Now to get back to what I was saying about how the idea became Conscious in my head. I was on the beach on The Big Island Of Hawaii in May of 2006 reading Peace Pilgrim’s book Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words, which I highly recommend. In the book someone asks Peace Pilgrim what about Astrology and the Planets? And P.P. in only the way she answer said that Human Beings are much more stronger than any “planet” or “the universe”. Because we are Spirit or we are the “Higher Power” We are the Creative Force! And all we have to do is recognize this! Is this a SECRET that has been “hidden” from us, so that those select few who are in power could keep control? It’s a thought I think. Now that we know this, can we now just go around and treat each other better and maybe get rid of this I’m Right, you’re Wrong Mentality?! PLEASE!!!

What greater Religion can there be than Kindness, showing you Care and being Vulnerable 💖?

-Brett Drummond

Brett Drummond is an Enlightened Human Being in his own Imagination. He has sent himself to fight the system and to return Magic🎨 to the Kingdom of Earth! We are all Unique and NOT the same, that is where Magic lies I think! Brett wants to live his own life and realizes that he cannot until this Veil of Darkness has been lifted from the Hearts of his fellow man, will you join Brett on this quest?

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