You can’t please everyone. That’s why having a clear understanding of your customers and prospects is an essential part of building products that they’ll love.

I’m hosting a series of webinars to help you learn more about marketing strategies and tactics. The first webinar, offered in three 90-minute sessions, is How to Conduct Customer and Prospect Interviews (register here).


The goal of this webinar is to help you design and implement effective customer and prospect interviews.

The success of your product, marketing, sales, customer success, and go-to-market strategies depends on frequent and insightful conversations with your customers. …

Marketing Playbook: 20 min video

How To Create Effective Marketing Strategy Playbook

Marketing playbook consists of:

1. Customer profile

  • Pains
  • Behaviors
  • Roles in the buying process
  • Day in life
  • Current technology stack
  • Current feelings and perceptions
  • Type of problems (active, passive, latent)
  • Values (functional, business, individual, inspirational)
  • Triggers, Ability, Motivations to buy
  • Who are the influencers?
  • What do they read? Who do they follow? What newsletters do they subscribe to?

2. Brand Story

  • Big Change (Economic, Technology, Social)
  • Winners and Losers
  • Promise Land that shows your audience the ideal future
  • Enemy or what prevents the customer from reaching promise land now
  • Magic Gifts that help you address the enemy
  • Evidence that proof your point point

3. Strategic Messaging

  • Top-tier messaging…

Writing helps organize your thoughts. It’s the process of taking abstract ideas and laying them out in a logical way. Jeff Bezos requires every executive to write a memo before each senior executive meeting at Amazon. The first 30 minutes of the meeting is spent reading all printed memos. It guarantees that everyone’s attention is focused on the issues at hand.

When the author is writing the memo, he or she is forced to figure out how to express ideas, questions, and issues with reasoning and logic. The writing process allows execs to understand issues better.

“Full sentences are harder…

7 Reasons why companies fail with freemium

Note: this article represents a section of the larger and in-depth article — Freemium vs Free Trial vs Hybrid Customer Acquisition Model in SaaS.

Let’s review a few of the most common reasons why SaaS companies fail with a freemium model.

#1 Provide no or little incentive for free customers to convert

Giving away too much of the product is one way to fail with freemium. Assuming that the cost to service free customers is low, companies must strike a careful balance. They need to provide access to just enough of the product to continuously derive value but not quite enough to eliminate the incentive for users to buy the product…

How To Participate in Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Disclaimer: The author is not a financial advisor or an expert in blockchain technology. This article does not provide any investment advice and should not be seen as such. The author is an advisor to Trust Wallet.

“What do you think about Bitcoin?” my father asked me on the phone a couple of weeks ago. It was a stunning question to hear from a person who struggles to keep his email in order or change basic preferences on his iPhone (sorry, dad!). …

How To Develop a Customer Acquisition Strategy

This article covers the key aspects of designing and implementing an effective customer acquisition strategy. It zeros in on a few important decisions when it comes to the customer acquisition process:

  • What is the most effective way to entice prospects to try your product?
  • Is it better to offer a freemium or a free trial?

This article will not provide quick solutions or silver bullets. Furthermore, it does not advocate for one approach over another. However, the goal of this article is to guide industry leaders and practitioners through a detailed process of evaluating options when designing a customer acquisition…

How to Build and Manage Successful Product Team

During Aptrinsic’s recent Mastering Product Adoption and Growth event, industry-renowned product leaders shared their insights into driving product growth. Here is a summary of the tips shared by Jeetu Patel — Chief Product Officer for Box — on how to run an effective product organization. Since its founding in 2005, Box has made it easier for people to securely share ideas, collaborate and get work done faster. Today, about 76,000 businesses and more than 56 millions users trust Box to manage content in the cloud.

According to Jeetu, one mistake on the product management side has ripple effects for years…

Defining customer experience

Defining customer touchpoints, interactions and engagement

It seems every company these days is embracing a customer-centric strategy and talking about optimizing the customer experience. But it’s impossible to do either of those without truly understanding everything that the customer experience encompasses.

When most people talk about customer experience, they think about customer service, customer satisfaction, customer success, customer engagement or customer interactions. But customer experience is all of the above plus more, much more.

On the most granular level, customer experience is about each customer’s perception of your company, brand, and product. This perception is based on all the interactions…

Since, you have been following my work and this publication I would like to share with you that we released

Mastering Product Experience (in SaaS) With Product-led Strategy


In this book, we discuss how organizations have to shift and focus on product experience and how product-led strategy helps achieve this. Customers expectations change, and today people want to try and use a product before they engage with salespeople and buy. A product-led go-to-market strategy helps achieve that.

In this book, we cover following topics:

How to transition to experience-centric SaaS company:

  • Focus on the buying process
  • Show and let prospect try your product
  • Align around customer lifecycle
  • Organize…

Mastering Product Experience (in SaaS) with Product-Led Go-to-Market Strategy

How to Deliver Personalized Product Experiences with a Product-led Strategy

Written by the team at Aptrinsic:
Nick Bonfiglio, Mickey Alon, and with Myk Pono


Your success as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company is completely dependent on acquiring and keeping users in your product. But if you’re using traditional marketing tactics, you’re likely struggling to scale your business quickly. That’s because conventional marketing techniques focus on engaging prospects and users outside of the product.

It’s far more efficient and effective to drive adoption and usage from inside the product.

In other words, to use your product to acquire, retain, and grow your user base. …

Myk Pono

Marketing & Product Growth — — @mykpono

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