In-depth Book on SaaS — Mastering Product Experience with Product-led Strategy

Since, you have been following my work and this publication I would like to share with you that we released

Mastering Product Experience (in SaaS) With Product-led Strategy


In this book, we discuss how organizations have to shift and focus on product experience and how product-led strategy helps achieve this. Customers expectations change, and today people want to try and use a product before they engage with salespeople and buy. A product-led go-to-market strategy helps achieve that.

In this book, we cover following topics:

How to transition to experience-centric SaaS company:

  • Focus on the buying process
  • Show and let prospect try your product
  • Align around customer lifecycle
  • Organize around complete customer journeys
  • Operate as a customer experience-oriented organization
  • Execute a product-led go-to-market strategy

Implementing a Product-led go to market strategy:

  • how traditional GTM strategy evolves
  • how to drive customer acquisitions, adoption, retention, and expansion with product-led (how free trials, freemium, and onboarding shapes this strategy)
  • what is personalized customer engagement
  • how to measure KPIs in SaaS when shifting to a product-led strategy

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Fun Facts About This Book

● 90-ish references

● 50K-ish words

● 19 figures

● 16 tables

Table Contents

Part I The Importance of Customer Experience
Chapter 1: Welcome to the Customer Experience Era
Chapter 2: Defining Customer Experience

Part II How to Become a Customer-Experience-Focused Organization
Chapter 3: Show, Don’t Tell
Chapter 4: Taking an Outside-In Perspective of the Customer Lifecycle
Chapter 5: Understanding the Whole Customer Journey
Chapter 6: From Silos to a Cross-functional Focus on Customer Experience
Chapter 7: From a Traditional Go-To-Market to a Product-led Go-To-Market Strategy

Part III Implementing a Product-led Go-to-Market Strategy
Chapter 8: Product-led Go-To-Market Strategy Overview
Chapter 9: Driving Customer Acquisition and Adoption with a Product-Led Strategy
Chapter 10: Product-led Customer Retention and Expansion
Chapter 11: The Anatomy of Personalized Customer Engagement
Chapter 12: The Anatomy of a Product-led Organization
Chapter 13: Metrics: Measuring Success with a Product-led GTM
Chapter 14: Three Pillars that Support a Successful Product-led GTM Strategy
Chapter 15: Conclusion — The Future of SaaS is the Personalized Product Experience



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