All about Kevin Minasian

Today I got to interview Kevin Minasian and got to know a little more about him. I began by asking what does he value most in a friendship. Kevin responded and explained that he likes when a friendship does not create any problems. He thinks that friends should be “chill” and they shouldn’t start drama. He would want someone to hang out with and just have a good time. Kevin is very grateful to have a family, house, and friends. He values what he has because he knows that not everyone is as blessed to live in a safe environment and have things you need to survive. Throughout the interview we noticed we had some things in common. One of them being, If we could change one thing about the way we were raised it would be having our parents be less strict. Kevin would want to be more outgoing and more meet new people and make new friends. He would want to “diversify” himself and get to know others better. If Kevin could wake up tomorrow with one new power or ability it would be telepathic communication. Telepathic communication is the ability of being able to read other people’s minds whenever someone chooses to. When Kevin would be in class and someone would say something, he said would want to know what they are thinking in their mind. I also asked Kevin when the last time he sang was. He responded by saying that he doesn’t actually try singing, however he often sings in the car with friends for fun. He said that the one time he would actually sing would be to annoy his parents! Kevin said that him and his mom have a good relationship and he gets along with her and does not argue with his mother often. Sometimes they will argue because Kevin will be procrastinating and not wanting to complete his homework. When I asked Kevin when the last time he cried was he said that he honestly doesn’t remember the last time he cried. However, he does remember some embarrassing moments he had. One of them being a family trip to CoCo Keys that went wrong. His little brother had an accident on the top of the water tower. The whole park was closed an hour early that day because of maintenance needs. After this interview I learned a lot more about Kevin and found out that we had some things in common.

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