Picture credits: Gandok

She walked through the dark, empty hallway. The smell of death surrounded her. Just as she turned around, her head slammed onto the ground. The trauma from the hit to her head caused her to be knocked unconscious. Her senseless body was dragged across a bloody floor. The girls vision was hazy and she couldn’t stay awake, everything around her was moving in different directions. After several hours, her vision began to return. She had a massive pain spike up her spine and she could hardly turn her head. The smell was now a million times worse. She looked up at the ceiling, the lights flicked and flies filled the room. She looked to the right of her, a machine was injecting fluids into her body and she was tied onto a seat. She slowly turned to her left and saw something no one should see. Hot tears began to roll down her face and she covered her mouth. Ten decomposing bodies were pressed up against a wall. She pulled out the needle that was stabbing into her left arm, once the needle was taken out the fluid began to drop onto the floor. A thick rope was pressing her body tightly up against the seat. Her body ached and she felt as if her circulation was being cut off. Katie looked around the room to find something to help her escape. Nothing… all she could see was the machine that was hooked onto her. She pulled the machine closer, noticing that there was a side pocket. All that was in there were needles and syringes. Despite the fact that she knew they were useless, she still reached for one of the thicker needles in hopes that they would help break the rope and set her free. She began to move the needle back and forth rapidly against the rope but it wouldn’t work. Katie screamed in frustration and began to pray. As she lay there crying, a million thoughts crossed her mind. Finally she remembered she had a lighter in her pocket! She moved her aching body slowly in order to reach into her pockets, her phone was gone but she found the lighter. With the rope restraining her movement she could barely reach for it. She felt the lighter stroke right past her fingertips, and the more she moved the more pain was caused. She finally turned as much as she could and reached the lighter. The flame began burning through the thick rope, smoke filled the room and the rope snapped. She pushed herself off of the chair and began to run towards the only exit. Just then the floorboards upstairs creaked and footsteps approached down the stairs. #scary #taken #stolen