The white halls

Photo Credit: Pinterest

I still remember running around my house laughing and playing games with my grandpa. I would run as fast as I could, yet my grandpa would still catch me. We watched cartoons together, went to the park together, and played hide and seek. I still remember my grandpas favorite thing to get from McDonald’s was their fries. He would always get large fries as his meal. He was always smiling and making me laugh. I was about five when my grandpa got very sick. I will never forgot walking through the endless white hallways of the hospital. My mom and I would go visit him everyday. We brought him flowers and balloons and talked to him for hours. I remember sitting by the window of the hospital room and looking outside, a place my grandpa haven’t been in a long time. He laid in his bed in the hospital for too long. I saw my grandpa the way I’ve never seem him before. He had machines attached to his body, a tube to help him eat, a ventilator to help him breathe, bandages to cover his shots, and his face that was filled with worry. Each day I remember him growing weaker and weaker until he could barley speak. He lost his sense of touch and couldn’t feel his arms or his legs. I will never forget the one day I went up to my grandpa and sat next to him, he was so happy to see me, it was as if all the worry on his face had disappeared. He had a big smile on his face. I missed seeing him happy, I missed playing games with him, and I missed seeing him at home. With all the strength he had he mouthed my name, “Madzia” he said, yet it was only a whisper. He took my hand into his and pressed my hand so hard I couldn’t feel my arm. My grandpa couldn’t tell that he was hurting me, a nurse came in and helped my grandpa get his hand off of mine. My grandpa’s eyes began to tear up and so did mine. I knew my grandpa was very weak. All I wanted was to spend time with my grandpa and to be able to go outside with him again. Shortly after, my grandpa passed away. I remember crying endlessly and not being able to sleep at night because I would have dreams about my grandpa leaving. I will never forget the pain my grandpa had to go through and the pain my mom and I went through when it was time for him to go. The white halls I remember are the same today as the were before, long, boring, plain, and and filled with people. I will never forget the hospital and the memories that I shared with my grandpa.

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