Accolade Explanation

An Accolade is an award or recognition of honor and respect, in older times royalty used this ceremony for knighthood. The Public ceremony of Knighthood followed a deeply religious ceremony with blessings from the Church to go forward and protect the church by the use of arms. The entry into Knighthood was highly ritualized which started with a Night Vigil in the Chapel of a Castle or a Church. Below you can watch a few teenagers in shorts reenacting this ceremony, it is pretty accurate other than the khakis. Enjoy.

Knighthood Ceremony

Parts of the Ceremony:

Clothing: The knight wore a white vesture, to symbolize purity, and a red robe. Wore black shoes to symbolize death and the sacrifice.

Preparation: During his last night as a Squire he prepared for the vigil by ritual bathing — the body needed to be thoroughly cleansed as a symbol of purification.

Ritual: A sword and shield was placed on the altar. The Knight knelt or stood at the Chapel altar, in silent prayer, for ten hours.

The Accolade: Knight is conferred by the ceremony. In the morning he was joined by others to hear Mass and a lengthy sermon on the duties of a knight. The sword and shield was passed to the lord who was to conduct the knighthood ceremony. The Knight took his vows and swore an oath of allegiance to the lord.

The Oath and Vows of Knighthood:

  • Never traffic with traitors
  • Never give evil counsel to a lady, whether married or not; he must treat her with great respect and defend her against all
  • To observe fasts and abstinences, and every day hear Mass and make an offering in Church
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