A wasted year

The supporters of the new government had large expectetions for the new special commitee to investigate the crash of presidential plane in Smoleńsk. The leaders of the government, including leader of the ruling party, along with minister of finance — both announced proving that the plane crash in fact was an act of terrorism.

When the comittee started work in February last year, the expectations were set very high. The comittee announced more thorough inspections to prove that the presidential plane crashed due to a series of preceeding explosions onboard.

The special comitee announced a series of specific actions, like new series of inspections of the wreck, tests in the wind tunnel, meeting with Russian investigators, and providing evidence of falsification of plane’s black boxes.

The comittee also had an ambitious plans to prove manipulations of the Miller’s report, which has been prepared by the previous government. For now, despite the fact that experts Macierewicz already have access to all documents and to PLN 4 million budget — one of the aforementioned investigations have been done.

Interestingly, when the president Kaczynski at every monthly rememberance day still assures the public that “we are getting closer to the truth”, Polish foreign affairs minister — Waszczykowski has frankly that chances of recovering the plane wreck from Russia are diminishing rapidly, even though recovery was one of the electoral promises of the ruling party.

It’s been a wasted year. Mr Kaczyński assumed assigned responsibility for not recovering the wreck to Mr Tusk — leader of the previous government. Mr Macierewicz — minister of defence claimed before elections that their government would have “no problems” in recovering the wreck during first months in power.

In the meanwhile the time is passing by. Poland still is awaiting for a new and more robust comittee to finally demistify all the unexplained events preceeding the crash.