Principles of Progress…

Activity 1. Four principles of progress from life of Edhi sahib.

1. When he planned for making hospitals and factories to help and employ poor people, he often used to discuss it with his friends but his friends have always rejected his thoughts by saying that you are watching reams etc. His friends have many times asked him to let it go and concentrate on your present work but Edhi sahib said, “Why should I forsake the previous ones when they have not been achieved”. This is example of his Sabr-e jamil. Due to his Sabr-e jamil he waited for the right time and keeps on working consistently and has achieved his goals. Now he has a hospital working for poor and needy people.

2. Edhi sahib has a thought to do something for the poor and needy people. They know that this is only possible when you have money in your hand. For this purpose he used to save his money. He afterwards invested his money into shares of companies. This was the example of Amal. He has just started his work as he used to say to his friends, “I can begin small, but why should I think small”. Due to his Amal he found courage form himself, his mother and his father also. His passion to do something became stronger and stronger with each next action.

3. The third example from Edhi sahib life is, Ek or Ek gyara. He realized that he was nothing without support of his father, mother and friends. He used to discuss all his ideas with them and get new instructions from them. Afterwards when he started his hospital, with the passage of time it became the largest hospitals for needy people. There are proper people and teams to do certain works.

Activity 2.


Everyone wants s fruitful life in this world. The thing is we want a life that is according to our dreams without any cost/hardships. Success in anything in this world is not free; you have to bear pain to meet the goals. If you have to achieve your dreams you have to face hardships.

Personal example.

After matriculation, when I got admitted in intermediate I saw a tough competition among students. All they want to get 1st position in college. I was the person having highest marks in my class. My teacher asks me to target the whole BISE for position. It was like a dream from me. I have to achieve it at any cost. I was aware of the challenges to achieve it. Finally I started studying hardworking. I remember I used to study from Fajar to Maghreb at my house and college. Finally I got 1st position in BISE. The pain I suffered was the lack of chill, fun and sports. Even I was not able to complete my sleeping hours. Every time studying was the biggest tease for me but I used to study and remain away from my personal life. I know without such kind of pain it was impossible for me to get a position.

Future dreams

I am ready to have such kind of pain again in my Ph.D. program. I know it’s not easy to get admission in PH.D. But I will make it sure Insha’Allah.

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