Modern enterprises are data-driven, making effective data management one of the top priorities for companies. A data catalog is an essential part of a data management strategy, and enables users to easily find, understand, and trust their organization’s data.

Data catalog essentials

Below I summarize the top 6 essential features you should look for in a data catalog solution. In the second half of the article, I’ll shed some light on “advanced” functionalities, which are a must if you want to ensure the solution is used (and loved) by all company users long-term.

Data ingestion & data discovery

To implement an effective data catalog solution, you need to…

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— Scaling of metadata discovery

— Discovering of relationships between data sets

— Automation of anomaly detection in data loads

— Optimizing of Data Quality and Master Data Management configuration

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Ataccama Team

Lot of companies are now going through the same ~we were meeting prospects on conferences, breakfast briefings, meet-ups, .. how are we going to generate leads now? Answer is digital!

Search engines, digital advertisements, social medias, web pages, blogs, articles. But all this brings totally new challenges, the data are now even more important and I will explain why and what tools we use to manage all these challenges!

Leads, Opportunities, Deals, Customers

We have decided to do kind of digital conferences, covering online and offline webinars on different topics. The process obviously starts with publishing the events on our web page, then creating…

The Triathlon, Ironman season is coming and for those who are about to finish their first Ironman race, or those who haven’t raced for a while it’s gonna be handy to have a check-list for packing and pre-race instructions 🏊 🏃 🚴. Each racer is different, some are there to win, some to attend and some to improve personal best (PB), some of the races simply do the things differently, that’s why I have marked some of the items in the list as optional, and please feel free to adapt to your personal needs. You will also find here tips…

I have been always looking for different statistics about Ironman races and Triathletes, however there are almost none to be found on internet. Our company Instarea is focused on Data Monetization, we work a lot with data, in most cases with annonymized and aggregated data of Telco operators, digging out of them different insights about population, e.g. how people move between cities, to which countries they travel and so on. As we have the skills, and as we are passionate triathletes, we have decided to create a side project in the company, and together with our Data Scientist Tomas Repík

I just made it under 5 hrs, and I have never thought it possible. It seem like I’m doing this forever now, but I finished my first time Ironman 70.3 at Mallorca only 3 years ago, and I finished it in 5:33:02. At the begging of this year I managed to do 5:08:00 which was a 22 minutes improvement against my personal best and now at the last race of the season Ironman 70.3 Bahrain I managed to go in 4:48:05 which is another 20 minutes improvement.

We have finally managed to get the Fridge Friends story continue, this time meeting at our friend Jozef & Magda and they prepared marvelous dinner menu, which I’m about to share with you now 🍲.

As this is a month of pumpkins, we started with the pumpkin cream soup, however in a bit more exotic version with sweet potatoes in, and the ginger, coconut milk and cilantro providing some nice flavors.

With the zucchini and dried tomatoes risotto you can’t go wrong, as this is time proven classic dish, along with some nice chunks of pork tenderloin making a great…

Have several friends who decided to take on the journey to become an endurance triathlete, and to complete their first Ironman 70.3 race. Ironman 70.3 refers to the total distance in miles 70,3 which equals to 113,0 km, consisting of a 1,9 km (1.2-mile) swimming, followed by a 90 km (56-mile) bike ride, and a 21,1 km (13.1-mile) half-marathon run. As this is the first article from the series covering the training for Triathlon races such as Ironman 70.3, we will focus on basic terms which are used in the training plans.

First of all I’m not certified trainer :), so I’m only sharing my experience from the amateur endurance sporting I do. I want to make it easy for you to understand the topic of proper training intensity, as many of the articles on web are scattered or to complex to read for novice.

If you are new to endurance sports like biking, or running, triathlon, swimming, it is most important to start training with right intensity levels. It’s not good for body to run too fast, too soon and stress your muscles without proper endurance in place. On one hand…

Martin Zahumensky

Data Management & Visualization enthusiast, working as VP of Product Strategy @ Ataccama, co-founder of Instarea, and amateur endurance triathlete.

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