The Bottomless Pit Of Excuses

“I would like to start a fitness routine but there’s no gym around here”

“I would love to have my own blog but I don’t own a PC”

“I really wish I could read more books but there’s hardly any spare time”

“I’m ready to learn music but I can’t decide which instrument to go with”

There’s no limit to the number of excuses we tell ourselves everyday for why we can’t do some things we’d like to do. And the irony is, even though we are the ones self sabotaging our aspirations, we actually believe that these excuses are real. But until we consciously make a decision not to let our subconscious fear of failure and excessive procrastination hold us back any longer, these excuses will keep rolling in one after the other… there’s a bottomless pit of excuses in our minds so the supply is limitless.

If you’re determined to do something, excuses don’t stop you. They don’t even matter. You probably won’t even notice it as an obstacle because you didn’t stop to overthink it. Thinking something through is good, but overthinking it on the other hand is just us procrastinating, and as such giving more rooms for excuses.

So if you really want to get something done, just start. It’s okay to be scared to take that huge step. And if you are then start with baby steps instead. Take one small step after another and soon you’ll look back to see a trail of success once you’ve over come the initial fear of starting.

  • Get a yoga mat and start with basic work out routines at home.
  • Sign up for any of several blog sites with your phone while you wait to get a PC.
  • Leave a book in the toilet and read a paragraph whenever you go in to drop off.
  • Start learning all the musical instruments you can lay hands on till you fall in love with one.

We are often the only ones strong enough to stop ourselves from doing what we really want…

Life is simple. If there’s something you want to do, just do it before overthinking it. Afterall it’s the things we didn’t do that we often regret more.

If you can relate to any part of this, please hit the heart button and drop a comment. I’ll appreciate it 😊
I’m Benie, an ardent reader but newbie writer on medium and here’s to baby steps 🍸
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