Big Girls; It’s Okay To Cry. Please Do

I’m sorry Fergie, but sometimes big girls need to cry.

Here’s what happens when they don’t;

  • The anger gets locked in
  • Resentment builds up
  • Bitterness takes over

And at some point paranoia crawls in because you never really got over the first hurt…

Sometimes life gets shitty and we need to let out hurtful emotions when we are betrayed, heartbroken, embarrassed, bereaved, frustrated, and so on. Because if we don’t let the shitty emotions out, then we can’t get past it and be free. We waste precious time obsessing over revenge, building up resentment and being too paranoid that everyone else is going to fuck us over in the same way.

It is way healthier that these emotions are expressed and let out via tears, than to have them bottled in and cause more damage with time.

How Big Girls Should Cry

That said, as big girls we need to retain our dignity at all times. Crying before an ex lover who disrespectfully broke up with you in public is a solid NO. He should never see your tears. NEVER!

Cry in private. Scream, shout, throw punches at your pillow and let it all out. You’re only allowed to do this once. so Take Your Time, It’s all about you and how you feel.

Add some tunes. Blues would help in letting the emotions flow out of your system and that’s what we want.

And when you’re all done, wipe your face. Get all glammed up go out and spoil yourself silly. It’s all about you darling. It’s all about you.

I’m Benie, an ardent reader but newbie writer on medium and here’s to baby steps 🍸

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