We are all fagots for the incendiary dating Simulacrum called “Tinder”.

We are tinder indeed — fuel and kindling for a socially destructive system that encourages ranking and swiping based on superficiality. At a glimpse,and at a mere moment’s notice we decide if someone ought to be swiped left or right. This is brutality. We are ranking eachother on baseless images and sycophantic bios. Dating has begun to look more like a job interview than a fun time out on the town.

Authentic social interaction has become so degraded that people of all social backgrounds seek friends and lovers online. Some people are very busy professionals who truly do not have time to date. These individuals who genuinely seek love online are probably the least likely to use apps like Tinder, and more likely to use Match.com or perhaps OkCupid. Individuals who use Tinder are usually a younger demographic, and are perhaps looking for fun, not something super serious. However one question remains regarding both Tinder users, and their Match.com counterparts — are people really looking for love, or is online dating merely a reflection of our own narcissism?

Rejecting someone else, and swiping left in the moment might bolster a person’s self worth momentarily, and also provide a little entertainment but the long term implications are destructive. Also, saying yes to everyone is not exactly good behavior, either. I heard from several young male friends of mine that their favorite thing to do is to swipe right (or say yes) to every option available on the app, and then later weed through the individuals they match with, eliminating the ones that are unsatisfactory. Women and men who carefully select their choices on tinder are suffering the brunt of this joke, when to their surprise after matching with someone that they thought liked them, are unmatched with no explanation.

With so many options available, Tinder and other dating apps create a paradigm shift away from traditional monogamy and into increasingly socially acceptable polyamory. People are proclaiming to be polyamorous, but there is often nothing amorous about the relationships they are forming. People are using each other to fulfill vapid and fleeting needs. Tinder truly begs the question: do we seek genuine interaction via social media apps, or are we merely seeking an ego stroke?