I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be part of a community of men who support each other unconditionally. Here are my thoughts on how to build trust, safety, mutual support, and brotherhood.

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More than ever men are looking to live more authentic, connected, and purposeful lives.

The problem is that many men have internalized outdated beliefs about what it means to be a man.

As modern men living in a connected world, we have a unique opportunity to build communities with one another that provide support, guidance, and meaning.

Here are the principles and guidelines we…

What men need to know to form healthy, connected relationships with other men and everyone their life touches.

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Study after study have reinforced the substantial positive benefits of friendship and social connection. One such study, performed in 2010, had researchers follow 230 elementary school children. The study found that having just ONE friend helped prevent the withdrawn or anxious children from developing full-blown depression. The researchers from this study concluded that friendship helped build psychological and emotional resilience.

It is unfortunate, but men are not always taught, to the degree that women are, the skills needed to develop and maintain…

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When you think of the archetypal “Man,” what comes to mind?

Is it the guy with a six pack and arms as big as your head? Perhaps it’s the guy at the head of the conference table, impeccably dressed and brimming with self-confidence?

Then again, maybe it’s the guy standing in a crowded bar, surrounded by a crowd of wide-eyed admirers, or the stoic and self-reliant outdoors-man, hunting for his food and face baked with sun from hours spent in the wilderness.

These archetypes are just a few examples of what come to mind when we think of what the…

In the Tales That Tethr series, Founder and CEO Matt Zerker interviews entrepreneurs, experts, thought-leaders, and regular guys about what it means to be a man, how to overcome challenges, and live life more authentically.

In this installment, Matt Zerker interviews Stefan Suppa, Founder and CEO of , a concierge styling service for busy men who want to dress well.

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Matt Zerker: What is Mannr, and why did you start the business?

Stefan Suppa: I come from a corporate background, where I worked as a management consultant in financial services. I noticed, as dress codes changed and men wore…

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Less than a year ago I was suicidal and could not get out of bed.

In January 2018 I lost one of my closest friends Christian very suddenly to a pulmonary embolism (the sudden blockage of a major blood vessel in the lung, usually by a blood clot) and it turned my world upside down.

Christian was a rock for me. Because we lived right across from each other we would see each other almost everyday. While we only met in our late twenties Christian very quickly became one of my closest male confidants. …

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In my estimation, support networks are the most critical thing anyone can build for themselves, especially when you’re dealing with mental health issues. Support networks can be any group, individual, community, or professional who can either directly interact with and support an individual in your situation or relate directly with whatever issue you might be dealing with. In my journey support networks have included close friends and family, mental health professionals, and a men’s group to name a few.

Without a doubt seeking out these types of resources and support structures is the best thing I’ve done for myself in…

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I have been pondering writing about topics around mental health, psychology, mindset, and their related offshoots for quite some time in addition to my own journey with these things. I’ve come by this desire honestly as a result of my own personal struggle to master the contents of my mind and the resulting search for a way to ‘fix’ the problem.

So here I am beginning that journey of writing about my experience, what I’ve learned, what I’ve implemented in my life as an antidote to the chaos and suffering that is an inevitable consequence of being human, and about…

Matt Zerker

Founder, CEO at tethr | Men’s Mental Health Advocate | Join My Facebook Community: “Mental Health Support Group for All Men”

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