So for the past one or almost two weeks, I don’t understand how I truly feel. I feel I need to just ground myself. The funny thing is that “things are falling in front of my eyes”, yet I don’t know what to do — everything is blocked. My mind, body, and soul is more like “resting”, rather than reacting. I try to think harder and I ask my innerself, what is wrong with me and what shall I do? The only answer I received : shifting. I aware that I’m shifting, I acknowledge them, I accept the shifting, but I can’t just sit at home with nothing comes up from my mind.

But this is what I don’t understand is the fact that actually, I still laugh, I still feel joy as if no one is watching. How can a person feel joy and happiness when everything seems to go wrong? Shifting for sure, but never thought the shifting has a big impact toward my business.

Yesterday, I went for a meditation, felt so much hatred, sadness; where the ego killed me, the heart decides to remind calm, and the soul seems to just let’s get through this meditation tonight! I just don’t understand myself enough.

Then, today, in the morning, my inner self, told me to just “why don’t you just go out for a walk; Let the sun rays touches your skin”. Surprisingly, neither my ego said anything about it. Off I went for around 20 minutes walk at 9am and tadda! I see the world brighter. And this is what I realized while I was walking : (I’ve a very strong fire element within me,)Lately, I did swimming, drinking a lot more water with activities without much interactions with the sunrays.

I googled about Fire Element and there I found my answer that : Inspiration, Passion, Creativity is all under the house of Fire. While Water is more into emotions, peace and Balance. That’s exactly the answer : that despite when things aren’t doing well, yet I feel the emotions and more peace.

Amazing, isn’t? Too much water element until my fire element fades. So what I’m trying to say is that Life is all about balancing. Don’t over-do everything — attached and detached; Be aware, analysed, acceptance, react positively, and move forward. At first, I don’t understand but I aware. I try to analyse harder but nothing popped up, so I accept everything and I react by did the meditation eventhough I didn’t want to. And it lead me to an answer in the morning. Problem is solved and I’m ready to fight again :D!

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