Life Reminder

Hello! I don’t have nothing much to write now, except a simple life reminder to pass on.

Yes, we are all too busy with our daily life that we forget we are even breathing. We are too busy that we are totally forget that “we have to balance” ourself — mind, body and soul.

We are living in the world where we need our body to do an action, our mind to be strong and our soul to be uncontaminated with too much negativity around us.

And here is my simple thought “ maintaining your body is not all about exercising and eating healthy food only; Neither maintaining your mind is not all about reading books, talking with people, neither maintaining your soul is more than just a simple meditation and yoga. “

Our body, mind and soul are so connected with each other but each of them requires to be maintained and each of them have a different maintance. But what need to be healed and maintained the most is your soul — it’s the main source for your life.

So when did the last time you healed your soul? or if you never do any healing session because you think you’re great enough, then why don’t you just take a step to do so. And “healing” doesn’t mean you are mentally crazy. We just have to take off those burdens, those sadness and those negativities which we have been accustomed to (just like the air we breath). We have to let them go freely and truly not to keep it and store them inside of you forever.