[Thoughts] VR For Relaxation

Copyright Michelle Zhong, 2016

I invite you to consider the uses of VR for perhaps a more whimsical idea.

Generally, when the word “VR”, or Virtual Reality is mentioned, they are having a conversation about the next big thing, how this could revolutionize gaming, high-level training aids, and virtual experiences. It’s often seen as this amazing, next-level sort of gear that would allow for more intense interactions and experiences.

Apart from what I would consider as the “normal” uses for VR technology — training (ie for surgery, or situation simulations), intense movies, or gaming, I would like you to consider the use of VR simply for every day relaxation.

I held an internship which I greatly enjoyed, but the commute was a pain. It took almost an hour on a train for me to get to work every day, and anything to make this commute more bearable would be great. If I had a portable VR set and programs on the VR set, I would love to put on the set, entirely block out the rest of the train car for the hour, and be in my own world. As for what I would actually use the VR for, I’m still deciding on that. Maybe a movie? Maybe something as simple as a serene scenery.

I believe there is a market for the use of VR by the common people, for things as simple as wanting to block out the outside world, or perhaps for coping of some way. One such idea was commuting, but this general concept would also work extremely well in a hospital situation, where a long-stay patient can temporarily escape the four walls of their hospital room. It would also be great for any type of psychological therapy in general, one example is to help overcome phobias by slowly introducing in a VR headset. Even just in a person’s own home, they would have times where they would want to don a set of “shades” to have their own quiet time. I know a parent of a friend who uses her HTC Vive solely to watch movies after she was finished with the day. No one disturbs her during her “me”-time, and I’m sure that she can be having much better experiences than watching a flat movie on a VR set.

All these usages have one common thread, and that is the use of VR to promote a better state of mind and a more relaxed mood. This imagery of the calm, quiet, serene use of an oculus rift is quite different from the imagery that is usually associated with these sorts of gears, but that’s not a bad thing.

Think outside the box, and VR would have so much more uses and reputations than it currently has.