She moves in ways that nobody knows,

She feels in ways she wish she could show.

She screams so loud that nobody hears,

She can scream provided she shed no tears.

She loves so deeply with heart and soul,

She knows she’ll never deserve condole.

She feels so intensely so overwhelmingly much,

She longs to feel another’s consoling touch.

She cares so much though no one understands,

She cares but knows she’s too much to stand.

She fights with such courage and such might,

She fights only ’cause she feels such fright.

She can be taken and her brains fucked out,

She can satisfy you never saying, what you left her without.

She will lie there and take every thrust,

She will lie there and not speak of her disgust.

She remains and listens, told that you care,

She remains and smiles whilst you overbear.

She will try and fulfil your desire for parenthood,

She will try fulfil this though you stole her maidenhood.

She will take it when you spread her legs,

She will take that you won’t listen however she begs.

She tries so hard to carry on and to clutch,

She tries so hard, ashamed now to need a crutch.

She may always be there, right by your side,

She may always be there, whilst she wishes you’d die.

She carries on and takes the pain,

She carries on because it is all just the same.

She has spent 12 years weathering the storm,

She has spent those 12 years longing to be warm.

She takes the abuse that she deserves,

She still can’t comprehend how you have such nerve.

She wishes she could make you feel better,

She wishes but can’t, caught up in your fetter.