Muhammad zuhaib
May 22, 2018 · 2 min read

Problems of career choosing?

If we talk about the education Era today, a huge num of our younger students gets confused that what to choose next for the studies, after the period of matric or may be intermediate.

Why that type of issues are happening?

There are lots of reason of this particular problem, I am going to discuss some of them here,

Lack of counselling:

Everybody is going constant with their busy routine, unfortunately our elders don’t have time to listen their subordinates or to help them get them solutions for their problems.

Do you know “What is the most common problem in every relation”? Which causes alot of troubles.

Ans, Listening

We don’t listen people we are too quick to get or acquire results instead of listening that what the actual problem is.


Unfortunately nowadays we emphasize our subordinate towards the field to which we are biased. That’s obviously not true.

Everyone has different image different vision or picture of their future in their mind please let them follow it, correct them if they are wrong somewhere, guide them the best you can, but please don’t demolish their future imaginations.

Role model:

Generally our generation haven’t role model that what they want to become. It is necessary to choose because their role models teach them better as any other could. And it will also provide supervision to them.

Consider your hobbies:

This heading is a solution and problem also. How it is a problem. That we neglect our hobbies to be continued as our passion or profession we have chosen them just for the fun, but if you want a career in which you enjoy your life and love your work you should continue in that field.

Psychological view:

Everyone has different personality traits, different values, different perception and thoughts. As i take example: some of us likes mathematics and numerical subjects they are numerous people. They should continue in that field like C.A, Engineering, Masters In Mathematics and so on.

And also we have that type of people too, who don’t like numerical subjects, they like scientific subjects like research and all. They should continue in science field like psychology, biology and so on.

I have described some of them, hope it will be helpful.

Signing out; Muhammad zuhaib

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