1. In this studio, we practiced doing sketches. We practiced drawing quick sketches for broad ideas like the topic of Valentines day or the topic of trash. We learned how to sketch many sketches quickly. For our sprint, I had to sketch 10 sketches related to the topic of food. After those ten sketches, I narrowed down to one of those ideas and sketched ten more sketches of the one idea. Many of my sketches were not good ideas, but creative ideas grew from the bad designs.My final idea was on a snack bag (like a ziplock bag) that closed in multiple places. That way the bag could be multiple sizes and carry multiple snacks while still being organized.
My chosen sketch
Sketching in studio (picture from HCDE website)
Classmate and my sketchbook

2. I question I have is how do designers keep their ideas flowing? An issue for me was how hard it was to just keep sketching. A lot of times my mind went blank and I didn't know what to sketch. I also had a problem where a lot of my sketches I didn’t like. I thought they were dumb ideas, but some of the ideas that I thought were dumb lead to the ideas that I thought were creative.

3. What did you like about this project, and why?

I liked that this project really pushed me. Even when I thought I was out of ideas I kept going and forced myself to do more sketches. Many times I would think that I had no more ideas, but I kept sketching ideas that weren't good, and I eventually had more ideas to sketch. It was really satisfying to keep pushing through what I thought was the limit.

4. IDEO is an example of sketching being an important practice used. IDEO does many sketches to show their ideas in designing. This type of work is important as it shows ideas as well as help produce more ideas. This practice is especially important in designing as it presents to others and the designer the idea in mind.

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