UCD Charrette

Picture credit to University of Washington HCDE 210
  1. In studio we brainstormed many vehicles and their user. Each group was assigned a vehicle with its user and the groups designed an interface with the users needs in mind. Rotating groups multiple times and brainstorming many different ideas, I ended up designing a system with my group for kids on a school bus. When the kids got on the school bus they would be asked to scan their fingers on the interface which had a database with all the children's fingerprints. If the kid checked in a checkmark would show up by their name, if not a notification would be sent to the child’s family and school.
  2. Our interface for the intended user was fairly simple, therefore we didn't have too many problems with it. We mostly questioned how to make it better for the user. For example, we weren’t sure if the kids could see the interface so we made it larger with the instructions being big and simple.
  3. I liked this project because it gave me a chance to think about the needs of others and how to design an interface that would be easier to use for others. Since the users weren’t college students we got to be creative in designing for people different from us, like One Direction, Cinderella, and children.

4. I can apply this technique in the future for any designing job or doing any designing projects like fashion designing of designing easy use websites for businesses. The technique of brainstorming many ideas on how to make a helpful and easy to use tool for an intended audience could be helpful in many situations even outside of designing jobs. For example, if ones sink were to break they cold brainstorm ways to best fix temporarily before a professional comes. People like accountants or construction workers have less use of this technique as their rules are more regulated and less creativity is needed in those careers compared to a design based career.