Spring has Sprung

Feel free to share your stories of hope with us at WADIFTS

You may be going through the darkness or you may have seen the light you may even have received your break through. It does not matter. Your story will inspire others if you let it…

Wish upon a STAR

Wishing upon a star

Seven Stories


Seven Women


Know dreams do come true


With only a glimmer of HOPE

CIM=HOPE 7 women come

Through the Darkness ~ Stories of Hope

It is possible

Pin your hopes on things tangible

CIM=HOPE shares seven examples


Darkest before the dawn

Seven different women tell how they

Saw the light at the end of the tunnel

And came Through the Darkness

We are waiting to hear from you.

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Originally published at www.mzzdunningreads.com on March 27, 2017.