first fleet inquiry

Mary Marshall 2(my convict)

Hello my name is Mary Marshall I was born in 1766 I am an orphan. I got caught for assault and robbery on 7 July 1784 in London. I got taken to the old bailey where I got sentenced to death but the luckily they changed it to transportation for life. I got shoved on the ship the Lady Penrhn.

my convict

The Charlotte (my ship)

On the 13 of may 1787, the Charlotte started the big journey to New Holland. On the way to New Holland they go via Santa Cruz at Tenerife, Rio De Janerio at Brazil, Table Bay at South Africa and Botany Bay, New Holland before the destination Sydney cove New Holland.

The Charlotte weighed a big 345 tons,105 feet long and 28 feet at the beem. The Charlotte carried 88 male convicts,20 female convicts and 6 convict children. The Charlotte was built 3 years before the voyage ( 1784). The ship was commanded by Master Thomas Gillbert

my ship

The Learning Intentions:

i can show how he events of the past impact the future.

i can identify and explain different perspectives from the time of the first fleet.

My Question Is:

How has the introduction of the rabbits to Australia impacted our environment?

how i look for the answer:

to look at peoples perspective for the answer

my interests

I am linking my learning intention to my intrests because i love bunnies / rabbits.



The reason rabbits were brought to Australia was because they thought it was a good idea to use them for hunting.they used rabbits because they would need tools to hunt and when the rabbits got too old they ate the rabbits.

On the First Fleet there was a total of 5 rabbits. It was a hard journey for the rabbits just like the people and the poor little rabbits didn’t even do anything wrong they didn’t steal or anything but all 5 of the rabbits survive the journey.

However it wasn’t till 1859 when, a young British hunter called Austen set off to sea to give the colony a boost with some more supplies including 12 more rabbits so the hunting,eating and breeding program could continue and grow across the land.

Even though that the first fleet and the hunting program was 229 years ago it has affected us today in our daily life in more than one tiny way in a lot of ways some of the are really great and they make our country awesome some of them are really big problems that we need to change like the rabbits.

Today wild rabbits aren’t so helpful with them population growing and farmers complaining that they destroy the land some people say “why do they need to be here” or there useless” for that reason they are classed a pest.

damage done by rabbits

Some people like them as a good pet. If they are domestic they are cute, furry, cuddly and pretty so as far as that goes they are a good impact.

cute pet bunny

As you can see different people look at things differently so it depends who is telling you to what you hear but both the answers are right.

percentage of good impacts and bad impacts.

as you can see they are good for somethings however most the time they are bad impacts to our environment.

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