Week 4: Databases!

Wow am I tired! I just finished my weekend challenge and it was amazing to see my creation come into fruition online. I just made a twitter clone, Chitter!! This took a lot of time and I’m quite tired so I won’t make this one long.

So last week was all about the intro to the web and so it seemsonly logical to build up on my knowledge by learning about a very important tool, databases. Databases are used for storing large amounts of data in the form of tables with endless rows. For this challenge, I used them to store the users details (username, name email, password). This makes it easy to access the data in one place and you’d be surprised at how fast you can look up something in a huge database table. Something I found really cool was dealing with password manipulation since I got to use the BCrypt gem which encrypts passwords in a very interesting yet straightforward way. Have a look at this post if you’re interested in the ‘making of’ the Chitter app:

What was this week like overall? It included a lot of reading which can get boring sometimes. There were a lot of new concepts and concretes thrown at me but I think I’m improving several skills and behaviours. Mostly knowing how to filter what I need to know now and what I can look up later. Also I started to look forward to errors because I find myself being able to navigate through them better and I’m actually enjoying it!

Friday was fun, we had another social and I got to know more of the seniors and played some table tennis. It really is a beautiful atmosphere to be in when everyone’s relaxed after a long week of breathing, eating, and sleeping code. I am officially exhausted now and have to give my encephalon a good night’s rest. Jumping on the Week 5 train tomorrow, I’ll let you know how the ride goes..

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