Week 9: Practice project week

Happy Easter everyone 🐰🥚🐰!! This week was sooooo much fun, it was amazing!! It was our first project week without any guidance or help. We were dumped in the deep end and asked to swim like Michael Phelps, and that is exactly what we did! I was in an awesome group of 5 and our chosen app was an arcade game. All the choices revolving around the technologies used etc were up to us, so we decided to make a super fun racing, obstacle-dodging arcade game using JavaScript and HTML 5 (canvas).

Because of Good Friday, we had a 4-day week and basically built the game in only 3 days and a half. I was truly shocked and impressed with the amount of work we got done, and so proud of myself for coming this far in 9 weeks! It truly is a warming feeling. I learned so many new things in such a short amount of time and ended up with a simple yet super fun game. We mainly used the canvas element to draw our game and faced several difficulties since it was a concept we hadn’t come across before. We powered through it and maintained regular stand-ups and retros to ensure we were all on the same page. There were a few things I would’ve liked to add/fix but if you’re interested at giving the game a go as it is now, visit the game’s repo on my Github (https://github.com/Noora-q/EXHAUST-ED) then clone it, cd into it and open index.html. The page should look like this:

No more weekend challenges now, so it’s time to clean up my README’s and polish my CV because next week is Tech Test Week and then it’s the final two weeks for the final project. I’m nervous about what the project will be but also excited to do this again. I loved working in a team and bringing our mutual goal into existence. I learned so many valuable things in terms of coding and working with others, it was superb and I can’t wait to do it again. Back to sweeping up my Github, later peeps! :)

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