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Remote working like you mentioned opens up a whole new avenues of revenue generation for individuals spread across the world. It is still a Pandora’s box of what can be done and cannot be done in a remote working environment using today's technology. Each day is a learning being added on.

I would like to agree with Michael but would go one step further to say , how does one decide what type of work to ship out of an corporate environment for people to work in remote? Are there laws to protect companies and people alike from taking undue advantage of any IPR’s they might create in the process? The challenge also begins when you need to collaborate across different time zone how is that social dynamics handled? I have faced a few challenges in this area in from my past experiences. How are we looking to compensate for remote work being carried out and how do we really know it is working?

I am still a firm believer that Technology is only an enabler and should not in anyway replace the interactions humans beings by nature have with one another. With more technology being introduce the basic of human interactions is changing and cultural sensitivities seems to take a back seat. It is a tricky situation as there is no straight forward answer on how such opportunities would enable people in the long run.

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