“It must be fun playing with dogs all day!”

If getting bit and wrestling your dog to trim that last nail before you pick up 5 minutes early counts as having fun, then yes — I’m having a blast!

As an ex-groomer who’s left the industry behind, I have a few choice words to say about it. First of all: grooming is not for everyone. It’s not about playing with dogs all day and it’s highly undervalued by almost everyone who hasn’t experienced it. This is coming from someone who only groomed for a year.

So let’s get into it…

About a month ago I started brainstorming about ways I could make some extra cash. I’m a struggling pet owner and these loans aren’t gonna pay themselves off, amiright?

I stumbled upon a few “scammy” sources before I landed on survey apps. For those of you who don’t know, survey apps are traditionally mobile apps you download and use at your convenience from your phone. If you’re okay with giving out personal details to data collectors like your name and location, then you may have found your ticket to the good life…

…or something like that.

Here’s My Experience with Survey Apps

1. Curious Cat


Marie Ives

Hello viewer. Has destiny or the algorithm gods brought you before me today? Stick around and find out! (Or leave — that’s cool too.)

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