The terrifying true story of the garbage that could kill the whole human race
Bucky McMahon

Well written. A few years ago I crewed a small sailboat going from Chicago to Boston out the St. Lawrence. Thinking of it now we were following the path of all that garbage. Every port you stop at along the way you can see the plastic bags clinging to the docks, gallon jugs stuck in the corners of slips. Flick a cigarette butt into the gutter on Michigan Ave. and it’s headed out to sea with the next rain. We had a 22 long rifle on board and we’d take pot shots at trash just bobbing along to pass the time. The Gulf of St. Lawrence is full of porpoises, seals, beluga whales, huge colonies of seabirds, and down the whole coast there are harbors that hold dozens of fishing trawlers, all of them gorging on fish full of plastic.

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