ICO Event Amsterdam

One of the first conferences in Europe dedicated to Initial Coin Offering. Business and educational platform for investors and startup founders participating in the ICO.

Why the Netherlands? The country has one of the best conditions for startups, including those in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. These issues are widely discussed in the Central Bank, and the government encourages FinTech developments.

Highlights of ICO event Amsterdam:

  • release of tokens as a way to get investment;
  • ICO from the investor’s perspective: how not to lose, but earn;
  • regulation: current situation and prospects;
  • practices, advice, business acquaintances.

The organizer is Smile-Expo event company, which has developed the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference network. Starting from 2014, the company has held 14 blockchain conferences in Europe attended by 10 000 visitors.

Detailed information about the event is available here: https://goo.gl/cxAYix

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