Bridging the gap of employee’s performance in warehousing and storage industry

The warehousing industry is having a human resources problem. It is competing with an expanding Amazon, often struggling to improve efficiencies and suffering high turnover in its workforce. Current training resources are not quick and effective enough to bridge the gap between experienced workers and new hands quickly.

Narges Rezaei, CEO and co-founder of Ohanna AI “Many of our contacts in the industry have reflected to us that there has always been a gap between employee performance (starters and experienced workers), together with high turnover and low employee engagement.”

“Our partner warehouse of 100 employees recorded a loss of half a million dollars on workforce retention and engagement annually”. This is while many of the employees are left in the dark concerning much of the goings on in the warehouse, the future predictability of their career and, importantly, the lack of transparency and engagement.

Ohanna AI, whose name stands for family, believes training and engaging employees is key, shifting business requirements and acceleration of e-commerce during the pandemic means having a strong, engaged warehouse workforce is essential to business success.

The company is advancing a mobile application designed specifically to help employees understand their vital role within a warehouse, increase their productivity and provide seamless communication to management with anonymous issue reporting functionality using gamification and artificial intelligence driven personalized training programs, the latter provides employee access to certification from top supply chain training associations, supporting the employee as they build and hone their practical skills, and securing their future.

“We launched our application with an operations analytics dashboard to offer managers much needed transparency into their operating data and performance efficiency,” said Gary Newbury, vice president and global business advisor at Ohanna AI. “With this new tool in hand, managers will also have full visibility into workforce performance, so they can ensure their strategy and solution optimizes service, costs and capacity, whilst reducing operational risks.” The dashboard combines the changes in long term operating data and real time developments from warehouse tasks with the learning progress of employees.

“This is a unique proposition and is very welcomed by the market. For warehouse operators, we are liberating data sets which have been siloed in desktop computers into the cloud and reachable by carefully designed dashboards that are easy to navigate and reflect real time measurement of business operations. For warehouse workers, the mobile application is a way to engage with daily coaching on how to perform better, as well as to communicate with management on task related issues anonymously. In addition, certified training and automatic CV generation can help employees build an engaging and satisfying career within the warehousing industry. Ohanna AI is running an open learning platform that all training institutions as well as experienced warehouse workers can join to share task related knowledge and become task gurus.” according to Paul Dong, CTO and co-founder of Ohanna AI.

“We have designed this app with the success of the warehouse in mind. To that end, we wanted to make sure we covered both elements of the labor and management. The final goal of any warehouse is to improve profitability. However, this is not feasible without complete cooperation between both,” said Narges Rezaei, CEO of Ohanna AI.

The app will run on a subscription model, meaning there will be cutting edge updates for the user. The result will be an app which will run uninterrupted, personalized to each warehousing operation to drive higher levels of engagement, empowerment and efficiency. While the North American warehouse space is already huge, to address the common issues across the supply chain, Ohanna AI will integrate a broader upstream and downstream data sources in the future.

The new dashboard demo is now live and available to Ohanna clients.

More information about the app and company is on the website.

Visit Ohanna AI to learn more.



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