Deploy a Meteor app to Heroku using Github

Prerequisite :

meteor create myapp
cd myapp && git init
git remote add origin
git add -A
git commit -am ‘initial commit’
git push origin master 

1 — Connect to Heroku

2 — Create a new app

Create a new app

Once this is done, you should now link your Github account to Heroku.

3 — Under myApp > deploy tab

You will find an access to Github Auth.

Then browse for your Github repo of your application and connect to it.

Now that our Github account is linked, we can continue our way.

Meteor himself cannot be host on Heroku, but some crazy people have created an ready to use ISOPACK in order to compile our app everytime we push it to the Heroku platform.

4 — So in the myApp > Settings tab.

Click on “Add buildpack” and paste

Buildpack bro !

5 — Settings var.

You’re wondering where we are going ? It’s time to create our MongoDB

Many providers are available, and i choose

Fast and reliable, we can easily create a new database. Just log on the the website and create a new one. (It’s totaly free under 500MB).

Then come back on Heroku and under myApp > settings

The MONGO_URL should look like — mongodb://user:dbpassword@<db><dbname>

The ROOT_URL should match the name created by Heroku — https://<appname>

6 — Deploy

Deploy your app

Enjoy 😉