Park Bench

As Lily was sitting on her favorite park bench, 20 years of memories around this park bench came flooding to her.

First time she came to this park along with her mom for an evening walk. They sat here on this bench and she talked about her school, her friends and many more things. Since that day this place is where people can find both of them talking happily or debating about different opinions on a matter or just sitting quietly and dwelling in their own thoughts.

Now Lily, while sitting on this bench is analyzing how her thoughts evolved in the years and what were the major concerns to her in the years.

Whenever she had a fight or when she was upset she sat on this bench quietly for some time and returned back home with some new energy or resolve.But what she found out now was that she remembered very less of her childhood thoughts. At that time they were so important but now she can’t even remember about what she kept thinking. Oh Come On!! I was very young at that time obviously I can’t remember much. Lets try this when I was a little older.

OK now when she is 5 years older her thoughts were around around her looks, how does my hair look like.. what color nail polish should i put today.. OMG I got a pimple..and then boys.. gossiping..debating..what not everything… She sat with her friends on this Park bench and they kept on talking. At that time there are no serious problems for her but she considered every petty thing very seriously.

Today when she sits there and looks back, she passed that phase, she grew up easily without much difficulty.. now polishing her nails is not at all important.. she can invest that time in learning some new thing or some new technique that benefits her. Now its all about learning and managing time as effectively as possible. Now the things which she used to think day in and day out seem very petty as she has some goal to achieve, some dream to make it true. She has to build up her career.She need to achieve something, be at top position in the field she likes, is passionate about.

So not having a goal in life in earlier stage is not a problem. Not caring for your career is not a problem till you achieve certain age. But she understood now, after certain age you have to have some goal and need to achieve it. She also felt everyone goes through these phases in life, but it is very important to cross each stage and enter into a new stage because as people say “Life is a Journey”. You need to leave “source” to reach a new “destination”.

Today on sitting on this park bench again she can see the doors opening to the Fashion Designing world which she aspire the most.

She is also sure that everyone has one such place where they dwell on their thoughts and come to a decision when in a fix, just as she have this Park Bench

So Thumbs Up!! to park benches, rocking chairs, chair beside windows which play a very crucial in our growing up. :)

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