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I guess you have faced such situations when talking to someone for the first time, you tell what you do for a living and get the look as though you have just told them you were in the business of body snatching. Recruitment is not among the favorite jobs so far. But I can’t imagine more interesting and satisfying job, and I’ll tell you why:

Because we are changing people’s lives.

The most important part of a recruiter’s job is finding the perfect candidate to fill the client’s position. It may take a lot of phone calls, meetings, and emails…

Have your conversations with friends turned into complaints about your work?

If you realize that every time one of your friends gets excited about his work, your eye is suddenly starting to twitch and you immediately beginning to feel like you’re being tortured, it might be a sign that you are not absolutely satisfied with your current position.

Does every morning start with difficult calculations on whether your itching knee or aching toe is enough of a reason take sick leave and stay at home?

Your physical health is an exact indicator of your mental health. If you feel constant…

There are many factors, each unique to each individual, that affect our relocation decisions. Among those factors are different kinds of expenses, also called “cost of living.” In this article, we took the main monthly pay wages and compared how they differ from country to country.

The average monthly wage varies dramatically across Europe — from 4870 EUR in Switzerland to 138 EUR in the Ukraine and everywhere in between. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the cost of living varies wildly from country to country.

Average monthly salary in Europe is 1520 EUR per month (we took net…

If you think that the subject doesn’t concern you, you’re mistaken. You can’t escape these people, they are ABSOLUTELY everywhere. Moreover, they are pretty dangerous, and that’s not a joke. These toxic individuals are not only breeding unhealthy work environments. They can also negatively impact your own productivity and decision-making.

Anyone can become occasionally negative if there are some reasons for it and it is always possible to have a discussion and receive help to come to a solution. But I’d like to talk about the coworkers who just never act in a positive way. These coworkers seem to get…

Imagine this: You’ve decided to move abroad and don’t know where to start. You don’t know how to move up or what to prioritize.

Sorting through job offers is more like comparing apples and oranges than apples with other apples. The number on your paycheck is only one of many factors that go into your final decision to relocate. Some other benefits also add to the bottom line: health insurance and retirement contributions, tax rates, the duration of the relocation process and complexity of getting a visa, the availability to get a visa for other family members and then there’s…


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