Making multiplayer games just got easier

Hello game developers!

TL;DR — I built a realtime communication framework so game developers can build multiplayer games without needing to worry about the networking side of it and instead focus on their game logic. It is powered by Ably’s realtime infrastructure which primarily operates on WebSockets and is built in Node JS and Vanilla JS (use it with any JS framework you like 😉). It also implements Node JS worker threads to simulate multiple ‘game rooms’ so different groups of players can simultaneously play the game. You should check it out:

A few months back I got into the world of building high-frequency (realtime) multiplayer games to get my boss’s attention as he’s extremely passionate about game development (Challenge: Try to have a tech conversation with Ben Gamble, without game dev coming up!🌚🕹). …


Srushtika Neelakantam

Developer Advocate for Ably Realtime | Mozilla Tech Speaker and Rep

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