President Donald Trump: The Negotiator?

What is Donald Trump like as a negotiator? Here is an analysis of his style and the implications of the US presidency having a Trump-style negotiator.

In his campaign, Donald Trump has repeatedly touted his business acumen and negotiation skills as qualities that make him uniquely suited to be the next president. On top of this, Trump has claimed that “Right now, we have the wrong group of negotiators who have led us to being totally out-negotiated.”

There is no doubt that the next president of the United States will need to be an extremely effective negotiator. Armed conflict, political deadlock, and diplomatic crises abound. The president will be called upon to resolve the war in Syria; manage complex relationships with Russia and Iran; handle hot spots such as North Korea, Libya, and Ukraine; navigate competitive tensions with China; and manage differences within Congress.

Over the last year, Trump has mentioned his positions and negotiation approach in certain key complex issues around the world:

On Iran, Trump said that he would conclude the deal in a week. His strategy: Trump would make his positions known and walk away from the deal if his counterpart did not comply. If that approach failed, he would double up on sanctions until the Iranians returned and submitted to his demands.

On the Famous Wall, Trump would somehow compel the Mexican government to finance a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border.

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