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May 17, 2016 · 8 min read

The temperature is gradually rising, the sky is no longer dark, the sun hung like a fireball, clouds become brisk pace. With spring catkins and falling away, dressed in a summer of green leafless tap the jump in the breeze came. Speaking of summer, I think of otaku girl miniskirt and white legs; girls think of is how to enjoy showing off grace …… and as goods to eat small series, only thought of as food, and that is watermelon!

Summer, how can less watermelon companionship. Although this year, in the winter could see watermelon fruit stand, but Xiaobian that, except in this season, coupled with watermelon on a hot day is really perfect! Like “you came from the stars,” said the one thousand Iraqi Ode the “snow days, how little beer and fried chicken it?”

Watermelon, called the supreme king of fruit, sweet and refreshing, both Qushu heat, thirst, but also a good diuretic effect, is a good refreshing summer fruit, as the saying goes:. “A few hot summer melon, agents do not catch” this cute little thing what nutritional value and medicinal value it ?

1. the nutritional value of watermelon

Watermelon called “the king of the melon,” in addition to fat and cholesterol, but its juice is rich in various nutrients the body needs, such as glucose, malic acid, fructose, protein amino acids, tomato pigment and vitamin A, B1, B2, C and other substances. Hectogram watermelon energy content is 26 kcal, 0.5 g protein, 0.1 grams of dietary fiber, 6.4 grams carbohydrates, Vit A 38 micrograms of vitamin B1 0.01 mg vitamin B2 0.04 mg, 0.4 mg of niacin, vitamin F 0.03 mg of vitamin c 7 mg, 79 mg of potassium, sodium, 4.2 mg, 10 mg calcium, iron O.5 mg, 0.1 mg zinc, phosphorus 13 mg, 0.08 micrograms of selenium.

2. Medicinal value watermelon

Cucurbitaceae Watermelon watermelon fruit, Chinese medicine, watermelon thirst, Chufan hot weather, to facilitate clearing the lungs, digestive, and promote the effectiveness of metabolism, the body is a nourishing complement the fruit. ! Not only that it also has high medicinal value it rang ﹑ rind and seeds could be used for drugs, in addition to melons there is a very vivid name of the drug — watermelon Chui Yi (beautiful bar).

Melons effectiveness are: the treatment of edema, burns, gastritis embolism. When suffering from toothache, it is desirable after the sun dew dried watermelon rind amount, plus a small amount of research into very fine pieces of ice, the application may be in a toothache, to receive anti-inflammatory analgesic effect.

The flesh is sweet, cold, non-toxic, the main effect: heat and hot weather, the solution polydipsia, Lee urine, hangover, etc., can be used to cure all the fever, heat, thirst, urination, sore throat, mouth inflammation , drunk. Watermelon frost: can cure mouth sores, mouth rickets, Yagan, throat moth (acute laryngitis), and all laryngomalacia.

Watermelon Reduce lungs Effect: and in thirst, aid digestion, can cure vomiting, Jiusou.

Husks: for treatment of intestinal wind blood, bloody diarrhea.

Watermelon seed kernels: lowering blood pressure, clearing the lungs and intestines, and in thirst and so on.

Modern pharmacological studies suggest that watermelon contains sugar, salt and protease treatment of nephritis and lower blood pressure. The West melon seeds also contain one ingredient can lower blood pressure. Take 9–15 grams of raw or fried, antihypertensive effect, and can relieve symptoms of acute cystitis. Watermelon root, leaf decoction taken orally, diarrhea and colitis have a certain effect. Watermelon rind with a variety of ingredients glucose, amino acids, malic acid, tomato pigment and the like C, after melons dry, hot weather to be hot, anti-inflammatory blood pressure, can also reduce cholesterol deposition in the arterial wall.

Speaking of eating watermelon, small series like split half, and then plug spoon revolution, you can dig a domed flesh. Feeling than cut a piece to eat as cool, domineering eat, eat comfortable. Usually when a fruit stand to buy a watermelon generally stick with plastic wrap up half a watermelon, but the thought of big summer package do not know how long, always feel not fly; and if a one-time buy back, the top of each After more than half, and the remaining half is a problem how to save, always worry about bacteria. Watermelon in the end should be how to save it? Small partners to speed to onlookers it!

I believe babies will say of course it is plastic wrap in the refrigerator! — Okay, this method is really the only choice for you, but a small thing to say is, there are risks cling film Oh!

3. Do not choose airtight plastic wrap

There are food safety experts believe that the use of plastic wrap saved watermelon than not wrap film but bad faster. This is because the watermelon before cover with plastic wrap, which present on the surface of bacteria and micro-organisms, if breathable permeable plastic wrap function well, the temperature drops slowly, it will lead to these microbes or bacteria faster, especially anaerobic reaction food is very perishable.

SO cling film is too thick, it will lead to food can not “breathe” to oxygen, which occurred in the anaerobic fermentation so spoiled. Also note that some people will feel more better sealing layer to seal in moisture. NONONO! Solid plastic wrap to keep the water is not only volatile, but also to be able to go inside the carbon dioxide, thick but not conducive to preservation. ”

How to do that? From wrap film without it? Certainly can not, but time will be strictly controlled, and the following is more important!

4. Time, time, time, important things to say three times

Cut watermelon into the refrigerator, the surface is still a breeding ground for bacteria.Some experts explained that this is because, in the process of cut watermelon will be contaminated with bacteria, can inhibit the propagation of bacteria frozen and not freeze to death of bacteria. Plus watermelon is rich in glucose, fructose and other nutrients, will provide the necessary raw materials for the growth and reproduction of bacteria. These bacteria often lead people food poisoning, causing diarrhea. Summer eating watermelon is necessary to pay more attention to the health of the storage time.

Cut watermelon in the refrigerator is best not more than 12 hours, the longest no more than 24 hours. Also, note that in the Cesi melon when we must advance the watermelon, knives and chopping board clean, the best is to cut is to eat watermelon, eat refrigerated as soon as possible cover with plastic wrap. In addition, the watermelon in the fridge to eat out when you can first surface of about 1 cm portion cut away, do not be afraid to waste Oh!

Although there are many benefits of watermelon, but not everyone is suitable to eat, especially the following people paying particular attention to Oh!

1, kidney dysfunction should not eat: in patients with renal insufficiency, reduced ability to remove the body of water, often appear lower extremity edema or systemic. If you eat too much watermelon these patients, due to excessive intake of water can not be discharged and cause excess moisture stored in the body, increased blood volume, so that edema induced acute heart failure;

2, should not eat cold early: Chinese medicine, whether it is cold or cold Fengreganmao, which belong to the initial prima facie evidence should be used from the table and let the solution Evils divergent treatment. And considered before the table unsolved if the attack will be worse, and watermelon with heat effect, so this time will eat watermelon cold sicker or extension of the course;

3, diabetic patients should not eat: watermelon sugar about 5%, mainly vines, sucrose and fructose part, eating watermelon can cause elevated blood sugar. The normal time as will secrete insulin, can make blood sugar, urine sugar remained at normal levels, and diabetes is different, watermelon eating too much in the short term, not only blood sugar, severe illness may also occur due to metabolic disorders caused by Acidosis;

4, oral ulcer patients should not eat: Chinese medicine, oral ulcer patients is due to deficiency heat, virtual fire caused by inflammation. Watermelon diuretic, if oral ulcer patients eat watermelon, oral ulcers will recover too much water needed to be discharged, thereby increasing the deficiency and heat, so difficult to heal ulcers;

5, pregnant, women should not eat: the relative lack of insulin in pregnant women, a stabilizing effect on blood sugar drops, excessive intake of watermelon can cause blood sugar concentration is too high, bad for your health. In addition, pregnant, maternal physical relatively weak, eat cold watermelon will damage the stomach;

6, indigestion and stomach Deficiency of people should not eat: Watermelon belongs to cold food, indigestion and stomach Deficiency of people eat more easy to damage the stomach, bloating, diarrhea, urine and other symptoms;

7, immediately after the movement of people: motion immediately after eating watermelon, especially iced watermelon, although able to replace lost moisture, but is easy on the digestive tract irritation, damage to gastrointestinal health;

8, before meals and after meals should not eat: because watermelon in a lot of water will dilute the digestive juices in the stomach, before meals and after meals to eat will affect digestion and absorption of food, and before eating a lot of watermelon will occupy the stomach volume, so eating a variety of nutrient intake greatly reduced, especially greater health impact on children, pregnant women and lactating mothers.

That everything can not be too much, watermelon high nutritional value and taste da club, little attention it is easy to eat more. By the time but to cause any bad effect really is “penny-wise and pound-foolish” it! Oh ~ do not say, small work to buy a watermelon!

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