1946 summer women wearing bathing suits as usual came to the sunny, blue water of the French Riviera, they are going to put a beautiful bronze tan skin, and on the same beach as numerous men could there be a passion for beautiful female body from admiration. This summer and other summer is slightly different, but in the Riviera resort of fashion designer Jacques Heim and Louis Réard were mechanical engineers claims to have invented a new type of swimsuit: T-shirt is two triangles of fabric, just block the chest, Bottoms also two triangles of fabric, one in front, one behind.

▲ 1940’s, the figure in the French Riviera bikini sunbathing women.

At Louis Réard claim to the invention of a “ratio existing in the world’s smallest bathing suit smaller swimsuit,” the four days ago, the US military in a coral island called Bikini Atoll atomic bomb tests conducted Pacific, global sensation. Louis Réard hope that their invention can be like an atomic bomb has the same explosive fame, ordered the named Bikini (Bikini). About who is the real inventor of the bikini, and now there are still a lot of controversy, but did receive a bikini Louis Réard patents, and Jacques Heim is as an early promoter of sportswear to be missed.

▲ bikini patent owner Louis Réard Display showing the effect he wanted to model.

Business people keen sense of smell quickly eliminate a property dispute, they can not wait to take this bold challenge to the secular new swimsuit promotion out, but a beginning, not a Paris decent models dare to try this new design, they had to find one pair body of woman to pioneer the concept more as a model — Micheline Bernardini, a stripper, in July 1946 in Paris Piscine Molitor swimming pool poolside became the first bikini model, she was still holding a matchbox, meaning bikini small enough to fit in a matchbox carry.

▲ in the 1946 Paris Piscine Molitor Hotel swimsuit, Micheline Bernardini became the first woman in public wearing a bikini.

Soon, Europe love the beach and the sea women began wearing a bikini, until 1951, held in London the first Miss World selection, the game set up a bikini score links, this commonplace today, but at that time it It raises ethical discussion of the whole society, so that the Vatican denounced bikini is a sin. Bikini and then in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Austria and other places were under the official ban in the United States has also been marked by “immoral” label.

▲ 1951 the first session of the Miss World contest in a bikini players become common knowledge today, the competition has become a basic part of the bikini.

In fact, the bikini is not a product of modern society. Ancient Greek and Roman civilization preserved painting and sculpture reveals to us women wearing similar clothing bikini scenes of life and movement. Modern bikini in a sense, perhaps atavistic cultural phenomenon of the process of human civilization after garment reaches a certain peak appears. But a more widely accepted view is that the implementation of rationing during the two world wars led to clothing manufacturers reduce fabric materials, thus stimulating women’s fashion to simple direction, ultimately, as a simple kind of extreme bikini the manifestation was born.

▲ ancient Greek and Roman civilization, the legacy of sculpture and painting is not difficult to see that the bikini does not seem a product of modern civilization.

Of course, the birth of the bikini, ultimately promote scientific and technological progress.From the beginning of the 1930s, two-piece swimsuit gradually replaced the one-piece swimsuit, they are usually made from wool, cotton terry cloth and a small amount is made. However, in the late 1930s, quick-drying nylon and other synthetic fabrics elastic fabric of the present invention to promote swimsuit swimsuit manufacturers on changing pattern profile shape, cone filled with two-piece swimsuit first invention, then, there are whale bone support cup two-piece swimsuit was born, and later evolved into a bikini.

▲ 1930’s two-piece bikini swimsuit becomes predecessor.

Speaking bikini “lifted” and is widely accepted, we have to talk about the entertainment industry idol packaging and film industry to screen goddess shape. Known as the “Pussycat Dolls” French actress.

Brigitte Bardot Bikini can be described as “ban” the biggest player. During the Cannes Film Festival, she wore a bikini playing photos were published in major newspapers on the beach, female frenzy triggered a global desire for this single product. There was even this statement: “Brigitte Bardot to promote French-made global dumping bikini, her contribution to French international import and export trade balance of even more than the entire automotive industry all add up to big.” Subsequently, the well-known Hollywood star Rita Hayworth, Ava gardner, Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe also have to wear a bikini appear in magazines.

▲ Brigitte Bardot is the most successful in the history of the bikini fashion idol.

Bikini movie screen classic moments are born in 1962 007 series movie “Dr. No”, the Swiss actress Ursula Andress wore a white bikini stride along the Caribbean coast, her waist stuck a sharp knife . At this time, wearing a bikini on the Riviera Beach woman is no longer being chased by the male perspective sexy object, and transformed into a symbol of independence and strength of the Statue of Liberty. It is worth mentioning that this bikini is well-known film crew handmade. In 2001, in an auction that sold for $ 60,000 price. One year after the 007 movie “Die Another Day” where, Halle Barry wearing bikini leaping from the sea can be described as the classic scenario is when the bikini first test on the big screen tribute to cry. The 1967 movie “prehistoric catastrophe” in, Raquel Welch played the original Neanderthals wore animal skins made bikini, showing another wild tale about motherhood and human instinct. Both films, in order to win a bikini in the concept of universal respect.

▲ 007 series movie “Dr. No” for the liberation of women into the bikini connotation

▲ “prehistoric catastrophe” bikini will contact ambitious proposition human origin of civilization together

During this period, due to the strong appeal of Hollywood movies, the world’s bikini fashion center moved from the south to the California law. “Sports Illustrated” a precedent paper publications, the issue of the summer swimsuit special edition, model Babette March to become the first magazine covers wearing bikini woman.

▲ 1964, the “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit issue creatively specials, model Babette March became the first to wear a bikini magazine covers of people.

The late 1970s, the south of France but also with bilateral tying thong bikini regain momentum, the cloth is limited to the extent that the most economical, only cover key parts, with a thin cloth between the string together. The Italian sportswear designer Emilio Pucci is an easy to use and very soft colored silk jersey fabrics to create a bikini, in his promotion, warm, bright colors and prints gradually become an important feature bikini.

▲ printing: Italian designer Emilio Pucci gives bikini bright colors and lively prints.

From two-piece swimsuit to bikinis, to today’s “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” will be upgraded to become an annual cultural bikini universal fashion carnival, appears to be a little on the reform of swimsuit models, but in fact it contains the human ethics and ideas tremendous progress: to dress divide classes restraint and strict social concept is to give up the times; society has been imposed shackles on women’s bodies and sexuality have been released on the loose; humane care beyond moral judgment, a representative of the civilization and progress of the zeitgeist. The sense of community that can get bikini history Reputation atomic bomb experiments should never be lower than that of the same name atoll were.

▲ “Victoria’s Secret” lingerie fashion show will be sublimated into bikini carnival

British “Nuts” magazine commemorating the 63 anniversary of the birth of the bikini thematic wrote: “In the tough postwar years, there is one thing to open, peaceful and happy human needs back into the planet, that is, bikinis, it works perfectly appearance, functionality, and a simple vision of human solidarity and easily together. happy birthday, bikini, you may be the best gift of the 20th century with the invention. “

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