There’s been a lot of buzz around Altered Carbon, many people comparing it to Blade Runner and with a good reason. The streets feel the same way they did in Blade Runner: crowded, wet, dirty, lit with colored neon commercials signs and a bit overwhelming. But Altered Carbon is a different animal, something more like a hybrid. After the initial feeling wears off and the parallels start to fade (mostly due to the twists and turns of this peculiar story) we get to look at this world with new eyes.

I initially started writing this with three reference movies in…

I was impressed. The movie itself was good but it didn’t wow me. I understand its importance in the geo-political climate and its relevance to Americans but it didn’t really resonate with me that much. I’m glad it was not a flop, it’s an ok movie with a decent villain; I guess I need a plot twist or something cathartic to happen to the hero to make me give it a standing ovation.

On the other hand Wakanda really moved me. From costumes to buildings, from the transportation systems to its people on the streets, everything breathed color and tradition…

In an interview, the chief artist for Star Wars: Episode I, Doug Chiang, stated: “I’ve found that you should avoid making things up without anchoring them to a strong foundation based in world history”

DOUG CHIANG, production designer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

These foundations can also be seen in Rogue One, especially on Jedha where inspiration was drawn from the Middle East. Some scenes were actually filmed on location in Jordan.

Sometimes speculative technology used in films has inspired researchers to make such devices. A famous example is one of the first mobile phones developed by Motorola — a flip phone resembling the communicator in Star Trek TV series from 1966. Another one can be the automatic sliding door or personal computers, but I digress.

Star Trek is one of those iconic franchises that had a tremendous influence over generations thus the reboot from 2009 was also meant to bring a new generation in touch with this universe and hopefully inspire them too.

I am (and always shall be) fascinated by…


rocking, gaming and sometimes designing architect, who’ve seen a lot of movies and is geeking out on sci-fi.

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