About me

I am developing Real-time Handwriting Collaboration Tool in time for the iPad OS release this fall.

Please look at my personal website if you’re interested.

In the Future 🚀

Innovate with iPad Pro“I will challenge the global market with iPad product!”

- UPDATE 2019–05–04: Replaced firebase screenshot with English version
- UPDATE 2019–05–16: Fixed issue about
7. cURL
- UPDATE 2019–06–11: Changed how to “Add to Home Screen” on desktop chrome

[PR] Limeboard — The Drawing Collaboration App

What’s PWA?

There’re the following functions about PWA (Progressive Web App).

  • Service Workers
  • Add to Home Screen
  • Push Notifications

Niishi Kubo

Founder and Product Manager of Limeboard ▶ App Store https://apps.apple.com/app/limeboard-io/id1521209374 ▶ Website https://www.wvvu.jp/limeboard-en/

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