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We’ve released Limeboard for the public beta. It’s a drawing collaboration app that we started developing with a desire to spread the experience of iPad Pro and Apple Pencil 🦄 🚀

Organize thoughts for individuals, share whiteboards for teams, and enjoy drawing collaborations with friends, providing a next generation creative experience that cannot be experienced on a laptop.

P.S. You can find all of the images below on Dropbox here 👉 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/00j4hoklbaofp5d/AADJYhvxWW1I_kHaFlANqLlLa?dl=0

Limeboard — App Store : https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1521209374

So What’s Limeboard?

Limeboard is a visual collaboration app designed to empower your creativity through a digital handwriting experience. Organize ideas on infinite boards and collaborate with multiple…

About me

I am developing Real-time Handwriting Collaboration Tool in time for the iPad OS release this fall.

Please look at my personal website if you’re interested.

In the Future 🚀

Innovate with iPad Pro“I will challenge the global market with iPad product!”

- UPDATE 2019–05–04: Replaced firebase screenshot with English version
- UPDATE 2019–05–16: Fixed issue about
7. cURL
- UPDATE 2019–06–11: Changed how to “Add to Home Screen” on desktop chrome

[PR] Limeboard — The Drawing Collaboration App

What’s PWA?

There’re the following functions about PWA (Progressive Web App).

  • Service Workers
  • Add to Home Screen
  • Push Notifications

By using PWA, you can provide UX that is similar to Native Application to users even through you develop it as Web Application.

I’m going to try these functions with Vue.js.

PWA w/ Vue CLI 3



Source Code


1. Install Vue CLI 3

Ref. Installation | Vue CLI 3

$ npm install -g @vue/cli

2. Create…

Niishi Kubo

Founder and Product Manager of Limeboard ▶ App Store https://apps.apple.com/app/limeboard-io/id1521209374 ▶ Website https://www.wvvu.jp/limeboard-en/

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