Let Me Remind You Fuckers Who I Am
Hillary Clinton [parody]

I guess that is the Democrat equivalent of a good Trump rant — if only you knew how much you have in common, Democrats and Republicans.

While you’re watching the grand circus, while you’re cheering and jeering, while you’re throwing popcorn at each other, and gleefully zone in on the smallest differences that are sold to you as two different worlds… while you are being entertained with a game that looks so real, like a good WWF wrestling match…

You fail to see that the military industrial complex is taking ALL of your money in a series of ever more senseless wars that you are sold on. Americans, you’re paying $600Bn per year right now to fight a handful of “terrorists” in the desert somewhere who wouldn’t make it anywhere near the USA even if they weren’t so busy tweeting.

Bread and games, the decisions are made by those siphoning away the money. Bush policies have continued and been expanded under Obama — one just has to wonder why, what happened to that liberal man once in office. Realpolitik? Or …finding out who is actually in charge?

Watch the Clinton Cash documentary to find out how politics works, and has always worked. And beware I am not definding Trump, or saying he’s a better choice. Who knows what he’s done.

Just wake the fuck up and put down your stupid popcorn, people. Demand an end to the wars and the military budget.