Swipe Right On Monogamy
Charlotte Shane

Thank you for pointing out that hookup culture isn’t men’s paradise either. It’s the imagined men’s paradise of GQ magazine, a fairy tale that soon turns into ashes. This is a good insight.

I wonder how many more cycles of realization are required until we find an obvious truth: Men and women are the same. All our imagined differences, often explained by vague, pseudo-scientific beliefs (“It’s Darwin!”) - really aren’t. Women enjoy sex. Men enjoy sex. Some women want to have kids. Some men want to have kids.

Monogamy is a label with a judgement — what is the point of it? Are you insecure? Do you want anything other than being loved, and do you believe that love is lacking? If so, a serious discussion on monogamy is riveting. If you free yourself from these concepts, if you know that love is endless, and that a lack of love is impossible just like a lack of molecules would be impossible, then the discussion about your particular social code of relationships loses importance. You may choose to be monogamous, for a while, or forever, or not — but what’s the big deal? Why would this label matter so much.

Love is action, so act in love. This is what we’re all here for.

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