30k Visitors a month through search engine optimization

I would like to share my experience with you that I had with my one of the client I was working for doing Search Engine optimization (SEO).

When he approached me at my seo company website N1Rank, he was pissed off with the limited resources in the marketing. He showed me his product and explained me about the features and benefits of his product to the users.

I was having feeling that his product will do good in the market. His product is having good quality compared to other competitors.

I asked him lets plan everything before we jump into SEO.

So we first decided to build good quality website which will engage the users.

We designed responsive website with elegant look.

Website got live in just 20 days as we hired premium service provider.

The next step was optimizing the website for SEO.

I did research to find suitable keywords that are trending in the current market. I created list of 70 keywords combined with short tail and long tail keywords.

Targeting 70 keywords in one run was not possible so I have separated them in 3 set. First set was for high competitive keywords. I knew that ranking these keywords will take time.

The second set was medium competitive keywords. I was sure that these can be rank in 3–4 months.

The final set was long tail keywords. The amazing thing about the long tail keyword was you can rank them easily if you know the trick.

I have decided to get the long tail keywords in the ranking and then move from the long tail to short tail keywords.

The idea behind targeting long tail keywords was creating initial traction for the website.

Once Google crawler gets the sufficient information about your website, they will list you in the proper category.

25 Long tail keywords in the top 20 search results in just 28 days

The strategy that I have implemented on the website worked as per the plan. I got 25 long tail keywords in the ranking in just 28 days.

These 258 keywords were driving 30–40 visitors a day.

To reach this milestone I have followed below SEO optimization process.

First I optimized the Meta title tag of the website. Each page was optimized with the proper keywords.

As per my experience the best practice to add your keyword in the Meta tag is having it in the beginning of the text.

Then I have tweaked the page little bit with the keywords. You must have your keyword in the content. So I have sprinkled the keywords in the content to make it more seo friendly.

The major changes were done on the site structure, internal linking, page speed optimization and reducing bounce rate.

I was monitoring Google analytic tool to check the user experience. The pages with high bounce rate were deleted immediately.

While doing so I was not having any attachment with my work. I know sometime it feels bad to remove something from the website on which you have spent good amount of time.

But in my case I was clear about the final result so the things which were not working properly thrown out of the window.

Uplifted the visitors from 30 per day to 250 per day in just 3 months

The second month gave the surprising result. The targeted 25 long tail keywords were in the top ten searches.

In addition to that the Google search was showing related keyword in the top 20 ranking. Google normally rank the related keyword by looking your website nature.

I was targeting 25 keywords but they have pulled more 30 keywords in the ranking.

So, now total 55 keywords were competing in the search results.

With this result I have started focusing on the medium range keywords.

To rank them I have started writing quality content which I was posting on the relevant article sharing sites.

I contacted several blogger to become a guest author on their website. To gain their trust I showed them previously written articles.

Once they are enrolled, I have explained them how I will be posting the content and one link back that I will be having from the post to my client website.

Everything was clear to them so there was no confusion in the dealing.

I would recommend, tell the admin of blog everything about the process and your intention. Everyone knows that you are approaching them to get something from their website. In return you will be providing them high quality content.

This saves your time and it assures you that your content will not get stuck in the moderation panel.

I have written 15 articles to publish on the 15 separate blogs and article sharing sites.

Not everyone was delivering the traffic but that was not the big concern for me. Now I was having the quality backlinks for my medium keywords.

It took 7 days to Google to crawl the new backlinks and change the search result of the website.

After one week I have noticed the medium term keywords are now ranking at 50–60 position of the google search. Some of them were in the 80s. Before that they were not in the top 100 searches.

I was happy with the result and I was sure that it will give positive result in the coming days.

250 Keywords in the top 50 searches of Google in just 120 day

One morning I was checking the result as my daily routine. The analytic were showing sudden jump in the traffic.

I have checked the webmaster as well to confirm the growth of the keywords ranking and I was amazed.

There were 250 keywords in the top 50 search result of the Google. These keywords were driving approx 550 visitors a day. Some of them were in the top ten searches.

I also noticed the content that I was sharing on the article publishing sites and blogs were driving visitors too.

The website was receiving 130 visitors from referral traffic. These visitors were coming from content sharing sites.

We reached 680 visitors a day milestone.

As per Google webmaster data the website was ranking for more than 800 keywords. It was included short, long and few of them were generic keywords.

Optimizing short phrases keywords for search engine ranking

Ranking for these keywords require smart approach. You can’t just build backlink and hope to get your pages in the top searches.

I have decided to first look the pattern that appears in the google search for these keywords.

In analysis I came to know that all the top results are for informative content. Ranking the service page or product page will not help in this case.

So I decided to create dedicated pages on the website. I have kept the page layout simple by using white space and clear design.

The content structure was mirror from the wikipedia website.

I started writing in-depth content for the page. Once the writing is done and I was satisfied with the writing style. I published it on the new page.

The content presentation is most important to engage users so I have added few images with source link. Additionally, I have linked some top reputed websites in the content to add relevancy.

The idea was to have good quality content on the website. Engage the users to increase the overall website authority.

Ranking for generic keywords require high authority and that you can achieve by giving the right information to the users.

Once the page is ready to promote, I have started building backlinks by sharing link on the forum discussion, using blogs, question /answering websites.

As the content is informative you can share it on any platforms.

While generating links for these pages I was not focusing on the anchor text links. The only purpose of sharing link was generating visitors to the page.

Reached 1014 visitors in 5 months 21 days

The final few months were too tough. Nothing was moving from efforts that I was applying on the promotion.

In the fifth month the things started moving little bit. The pages were got the place in the top 100 searches of Google.

The result was not extraordinary, but I was happy that something started showing up in the search results.

I started working on the link building again and also updating the content of the page with the latest trend.

The new content was boosting the position of the pages.

In few days with lots of efforts, the pages came in the top 30 results.

It was still not in the top ten but the strategy that I was implementing was showing the result.

In last ten days all the keywords came in the top ten searches of the Google. And traffic jumped from 700 visitors to average 1014 visitors a day.

Finally the hard work started giving the expected result.

Conclusion: In search engine optimization if the things are implemented properly, you will get the expected return. Don’t just focus on the link building. You have to find how you can give remarkable experience to the users. These users will pull your website up in the ranking.