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The time for these squatters to make their voices heard was last November. The people in Dana Rohrabacher’s district voted and Dana won with 59% of the vote. Someone once said, “…elections have consequences and I won…” god.., who was it that said that..?

The California state legislature is overwhelmingly made up of democrats. If there is any gerrymandering going on with Dana’s district it would undoubtedly favor the democrats.

So why doesn’t Dana Rohrabacher want to grant the indivisible group a townhall? Maybe he read about their tactics from their website:

Meet outside or in the parking lot for a quick huddle before the event. Distribute the handout of questions, and encourage members to ask the questions on the sheet or something similar.
Head into the venue a bit early to grab seats at the front half of the room, but do not all sit together. Sit by yourself or in groups of two, and spread out throughout the room. This will help reinforce the impression of broad consensus.
Stick with the prepared list of questions. Don’t be afraid to read it straight from the printout if you need to.
Other group members around the room should amplify by either booing the MoC or applauding you.
Don’t give up the mic until you’re satisfied with the answer. keep a firm hold on the mic.
The next member of the group to be called on should move down the list of questions and ask the next one.
After one member of your group asks a question, everyone should applaud to show that the feeling is shared throughout the audience. — amplifying the fact that you’re part of a broad group.

Sounds a lot like astroturf. This is obviously how a small group of people were able to sabotage the townhall for Utah representative Jason Chaffetz (who got 73% of his district’s vote AFTER he announced that he’d vote for Trump). Why would anyone subject themselves to this fake theater.