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Winding down Heist

We posted this on our site today informing everyone we’re starting the process of closing down our company and moving on to our next adventure.

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Credit: Matt Quinn (@iammattq) http://headlandsdigital.com/

Someone told us early on that every service company is three months away from going out of business. Today, our three months are up.

The line between success and failure is murky. It’s not a binary metric that you can rely on to help you make tough decisions.

Heist is neither a success, nor a failure. It currently sits somewhere in the middle. And that can be a very uneasy place to live. Do you walk away while you still have the ability to provide your team with a soft landing? …

The market for design and its role inside and outside of companies is going through a transformation at the moment. I’m not interested in adding to the busy debate about “X is dead” or “Y is the future”. I’d rather share the jobs we see design firms being hired to do, now that top tier design talent is being relocated to large internal product teams and user experience is shifting into a CEO’s portfolio. This is the model we’re working with at at Heist and continue to evolve as the market for design changes.

Give companies a hyper space button

We’ve moved our team over to Slack as our main means of communication at Heist. It’s the dreamy chat client we’ve been craving after using Skype and Google Hangouts and hitting bumps in the road. If you’ve used Slack, you know they have smoothed over the little hurdles and pain points in a mature software space that has existed for years.

However, with buttery smooth communication, the amount of communication goes up. Way up.

Theoretically this is great. We have quick convos on our iPhones! …


Nathan Garvie

Hyperglocalist. Product Designer at Facebook. Previously Design Director at Heist.

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