Method to my Mindness

One hundred days ago, a dear friend tagged me in another artist’s stream. Rayna Lo was going through the #100DaysofDrawing challege and my friend wondered out loud what I would create if I took this challenge. Well, the long-short is that I did it.

Creativity, to me, is a process of exploration and discovery. Creativity can be used to solve problems or find out things that were hidden. Ultimately, I believe that the most creative processes involve some rules or guidelines. Thus I set out my own guidelines to explore the #100DaysofDrawing hashtag.

this is where the counting starts.

Guidelines or Rules

  1. there is to be a drawing for every day, for 100 days.
  2. each drawing contains the word day and number for that day in its design starting with zero. (That’s why my last day was 99.)
  3. all drawings were done using Autodesk Sketchbook on my Mac using a Wacom stylus.
  4. I factored the day number to be able to use the symmetry tool (it could produce symmetrical reflection up to 16 times), on Prime number days, I was free to throw anything into the mix and usually did. Some of the numbers had a theme attached to them throughout the project, i.e. multiples of sevens generally included skulls.
  5. With rare exception, I only posted drawings on my social media-no wild commentary on life or observations of things.
Day 35: 35=7x5, skulls and ships

Things I learned:

  • My people are amazing! So much support and love.
  • Patience and practice lead to higher skill
  • There are infinite solutions to the problem of a blank page, the ones I find have variances from influence and time investment.
  • Successful art is not the same as purchased art.
Day 82: 41x2; symmetrical representation of iChing hexagram 41

What’s next?

I’m going to take a week off to finish an online course, then I will deal with some administrative tasks involving wrap up of this project before I develop a new project. I am collecting them all in this portfolio online. There has been a suggestion of making them available as file downloads, some individuals have purchased prints of days they really enjoyed, also a collection as a coffee table book has been floated. I will be taking this all into consideration and hopefully putting it into action.

Day 93: A Prime example of the freedom of Primes