nDEX Network community, we have successfully migrated to NXT powered blockchain 3.0 standard. We have forked #NXT blockchain at 2020–02–04 01:14:25 +0600 at height 2764172.

Our initial NDX amount is changed. Now Total circulating NDX is 1b. 10% of NDX goes to 208k existing NXT holders. We have chosen NXT…

T. Rahaman GPG: 3F5A5C3A62271679 (Lead Developer NBC Coin Project)

The missing explanation of Proof of Stake Version 3

In every cryptocurrency there must be some consensus mechanism which keeps the entire distributed network in sync. When Bitcoin first came out, it introduced the Proof of Work (PoW) system. PoW is…

T. Rahaman

[ Tri-angle of hope ]

Crypto space is rather complex to say the least. It’s over a year now since we officially started our journey with nDEXNetwork. ndex.market was our first finished and usable product for our customer-base.

Many of you who are reading this right now and have been following this project for a long enough time know that, ndex.market was released based upon the idea of decentralization. It was a simple but effective DEX for the time being. Many people seemed to love it…

T. Rahaman

DSR By QuantaEx

What Exactly Is DSR?

QuantaEx’s Liquidity Pool (QLP) is a liquidity providing facility. Participants will use their DSR Coin(“DSR”) as an access key to enter the Liquidity Pool (“QLP”) & its profit. …

Yeasin Hassan

QPay Global has been swift of its product launches and within a short period of time it was able to deliver not only a highly customize-able digital wallet offering robust security for your digital currencies but also introduced a high scale digital asset exchange platform https://www.quantaex.com
Using state of the…

Matt Haydon

http://wallet.qpay.group 👈Download

Qpay Global continues to impress and prove it’s more than a vision but indeed reality by giving investors something very rare to ICOs and IEOs. What is that, you may ask? A working piece of the puzzle.

QPay Developers released their wallet “Q-Wallet” for initial testing…

What is “QUASH” AKA QPAY Payment Gateway?

QPAY payment gateway will be something revolutionary by not only providing the benefits of a typical payment gateway system but also by providing users with the flexibility that many often seeks. “QUASH” is set out to be the first exchange powered payment gateway…

while there are many promises made but the number of kept ones are few and far between in the world of cryptocurrency, many fails to meet the expectations of some. But sometimes few gold deers tends to lurk around the space and people who are able to recognize, are the…

With a vast and well sorted out ecosystem offering everyone high flexibility, it’s time to get yourself some great deals. Private sales for QPAY is live now! Grab while the offer lasts and get a chance to avail up to 300% bonus! visit


Following the massive ICO craze that emerged in 2017 and the subsequent drop-off latter half of 2018 has made the crypto space swirling with numerous questions among investors and enthusiasts.

ICO in a nutshell can be described as a crowd funding formula which raises the money for the specific project to…

nDEX Network

A Blockchain Business Development Platform https://ndexnetwork.com

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